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QUAERITUR: non-Catholic maid of honor – CAUTION!

From a reader: My fiancee is wrangling about whom to choose as her maid of honor. [I can almost hear the writer’s inner voice: "For pity’s sake… just pick someone!  Now… is there a game on?"] She has a cousin … Read More

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“Vatican II has done more good for the Extraordinary Form than the Ordinary Form”

Under another entry, long-time and perspicacious participant Henry Edwards wrote about the Extraordinary Form: Henry: [T]here is no doubt that the glorious Missa Cantata that is the Sunday EF norm now was not always the majority EF experience. Not for … Read More

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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Solemn Mass tonight in Manhattan)

Today, the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of only three births we celebrate during the Church year, the other two being that of the Our Lord Himself, and then the birth of the Lord’s … Read More

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Good news from Wyoming Catholic College

This last year I had a very pleasant visit to Wyoming Catholic College to say Mass and deliver a talk. I have always had a measure of affection for Wyoming, where I have some roots. I received today a note … Read More

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Mass intentions – reaching beyond

I will include the following in my latest weekly column in The Wanderer (to which you can subscribe also in electronic format): Every Mass can be offered for the living and the dead. When a priest receives Mass intentions from … Read More

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Liturgical wrangling in Scotland

There is some tension in Scotland over the upcoming visit of Benedict XVI and the inevitable committee designed mega-Mass which must ensue. I wonder if there would be, could be, so much tension and, surely, animosity, were the older form … Read More

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Will desecrating the Eucharist receive same attention as burning the Koran?

From a reader: I see that the plan of one small church in America to burn a Koran has gained world-wide attention, interventions by the Secretary of State and religious leaders, and a spot on the BBC’s front page. Does … Read More

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