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I think the first time I ever heard of “Catholic Taliban”, it was years ago in an editorial by Al Matt, editor of The Wanderer.  He was referring to a brand of traditionalist who is, as I sometimes identify them, … Read More

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A different sort of “Saturno”

Wow.  Look at the colors.

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Some random thoughts: a few great moments in the Star Trek movie

Tonight I unwound a bit with something totally unlike everything else I did today: I watched some of the latest Star Trek movie. It was a real re-imagining of the whole thing.  Some people hated it.  I thought it was … Read More

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A Jesuit theologian opines about the 60’s and Pope Benedict

An alert reader caught this and passed it along.  I am, as you can guess, unlikely to read The Huffington Post, on my own. The last response amused me. My emphases and comments. How The ’60s Transformed The Catholic Church … Read More

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Browser issues with new blog template

I am getting reports that IE does not display at all or does not display correctly. Firefox works. Opera seems to work. Safari on Windows seems not to load. Reports?

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Mass, priesthood and sacrifice must never be separated

A while ago I sent in my weekly column for The Wanderer.  This week I wrote about the Hanc igitur in the Roman Canon. Here is an excerpt: […] Return for a moment to that phrase “servitutis nostrae”.  Servitus was … Read More

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Are any registered users having a problem posting comments?

I received a note from a reader saying: When I try to leave a comment in reply to someone else's comment, the box appears, but I'm not able to put my cursor in the box to type.  In the text … Read More

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