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Questions raised by Nostra aetate about the Christian God and Muslim Allah

Under another entry a commentator said: It’s also about time that Catholics start repudiating those sections of Nostra Aetate referring to Muslims. Let’s have a look at the relevant paragraph of Nostra aetate. 3. Ecclesia cum aestimatione quoque Muslimos respicit … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: museum edition

Here is an ancient edition of The Feeder Feed live from the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. Behold a mid 3rd century mosaic from N. Africa. The Nile imagery suggests Egypt, but such exotic images were not uncommon elsewhere. In this … Read More


The Savior’s chalice is forever precious and His hands are ever sacred

His Hermeneuticalness has an interesting post concerning the new corrected translation.   Let’s jump in media res: In the combox of the post "Telling the truth – a new corrected translation", Lawrence the Roman writes concerning the new corrected ICEL translation … Read More

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Film maker changes his mind about Pope Benedict

The UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald has this interesting article. It is quite long, so I will show just part of it here. How I changed my mind about the Pope Mark Dowd embarks on a personal quest … Read More

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TO ARMS! TO ARMS! Pro-abortion youth document proposed to UN General Assembly

TO ARMS WDTPRSers! I received this via e-mail and present it for your opportune knowledge and consideration.   This needs action. Dear Colleague, Radical pro-abortion youth have written a document that the UN General Assembly is considering accepting. This would be … Read More

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Ground Zero Mosque: a “Rabat”, not a “Cultural Center”

Some time ago, at the recommendation of the great Fr. Welzbacher of St. Paul, I read Andrew McCarthy’s The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America.  It was an excellent preparation, or propaedeutic, for the controversy over the … Read More

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