Austrian Canons Regular to staff parishes in D. of Rockville Centre

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This is from a press release of the Diocese of Rockville Centre.  This is just the beginning…. of the press release, that is.



For Immediate Release

29 November 2010
New Order of Priests Coming to Diocese of Rockville Centre

Canons Regular of Saint Augustine of Klosterneuburg to Establish Foundation in Diocese of Rockville Centre; will assume Pastoral Care for Two Parishes

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. ? November 29, 2010 ? The Canons Regular of Saint Augustine of Klosterneuburg have accepted Bishop Murphy?s invitation to found an Institute of the Stift Klosterneuburg in the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

In doing so, they have accepted the pastoral care of the parishes of Saint Patrick and Saint Rocco in Glen Cove, New York effective June 2011.  Each parish will have its own pastor and continue to maintain its own separate identity.  Initially, three priests will arrive in June with the hope of more priests to come in the future.

?We look forward to the presence of the Canons in our diocese and we are very excited that they will be sharing their rich traditions and spiritual life with us,? said the Most Reverend William Murphy, bishop, Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre.


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  1. danphunter1 says:

    This is the diocese I lived in for almost 30 years.
    Does anyone know if these Canons offer the Traditional Latin Mass and sacraments.

  2. danphunter1 says:

    I just found the answer to my above question on the “pastors page” of St Patricks church Glen Cove, DRVC:
    “They will NOT be celebrating the old rite Latin Mass or the Tridentine Mass. They will be celebrating the same English Mass, Spanish Mass, and in St. Rocco’s, Italian Mass that are currently celebrated in our parishes, with the same deacons, lectors and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, the same ushers, the same cantors, etc. Just different priests!”

    Too bad.
    Prayers go out to these good priests for their ministry and hopefully they will soon offer the TLM.
    Glen Cove and Oyster Bay both have a lot of Catholics attached to the Traditional Latin Mass.

  3. TJerome says:

    I guess the “pastors page” message is intended to mollify the lefties, for now. However, I would imagine the Canons will slavishly say the Black and do the Red. In time, I would bet Latin will emerge as well, either in the OF or EF

  4. Scott W. says:

    I would bet Latin will emerge as well, either in the OF or EF

    Start gathering EF-sympathetic support now and don’t forget to ask for it.

  5. basilorat says:

    I personally know three of the canons and have been good friends with two of them for over 20 years. I can say with absolute surety they are very holy, pious men who are highly, highly intelligent. They love the Church and have a deep understanding of tradition. I know they love the Old Mass, but I also know they are very, very practical and charitable men. They will be a huge blessing to the US Church and Rockville Center.

    Remember, no bishop will invite or accept any religious community or priesthood candidate simply to push their own personal agenda. They want the gifts, talents, patrimony, and tradition to benefit the local Church. I wouldn’t doubt they would celebrate the Old Rites, but they are above all highly prudent. Since all three were originally ordained for US dioceses before entering the Stift, they also understand US Church politics.

    I for one, cannot wait to see my old friend(s) again.

  6. Scott W. says:

    I don’t know if I would classify the desire for the EF as a “personal agenda”. Seems kinda like saying a thirsty man in a desert has a personal agenda for water.

  7. basilorat says:

    Your analogy is inaccurate and incorrect.
    Our Holy Father very clearly stated that the Old Mass is specifically named the “Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite”. From a bishop’s point of view, three priest arriving from Austria to make a foundation would smack of a very peculiar mission. They are not the FSSP or ICRS who were founded as a solely an “Old Rite” community. So given these factors, it would very well seem like a “personal agenda” if that’s why they came unless they were invited with that intention in mind. It is clear they are taking over two existing parishes which include an Hispanic population. All three are rather polyglot. I don’t doubt their love of the Old Mass, however these things must be done in steps if they wish to implement them. It’s going to take enough time for the diocese to absorb three priests having the canonical privileges of rochet and purple mozzetta! But that is their patrimony and something about which they have no choice in the matter. It’s their choir habit.

    Please note that as a rule I only attend the Extraordinary Form and it is an option at my parish, St. John Cantius in Chicago. So I am not against it.

  8. cpaulitz says:

    So why is this good news? (Not being a smart you-know-what, just missing it).

  9. TJerome says:

    basilorat, the fact that the parishes are a bit of a “polyglot” make them perfect candidates for Mass in the Latin language which Blessed John XXIII stated so well in Veterum Sapientia, ” is the language that joins the Church of today.” Too bad, the reformers who slobber over John XXIII (when citing him selectively) didn’t heed his wise words.

  10. Scott W. says:

    Your analogy is inaccurate and incorrect.

    I wasn’t speaking from the perspective of the priests or the bishop, but from the perspective of the layperson who desires the EF but can’t find one. I think in that case, the analogy works.

  11. danphunter1 says:

    “So why is this good news?”
    Primarily because Bishop Murphy will not have to close the two parishes of St. Patricks and St Bruno’s, because of a lack of priests in the DRVC, among other reasons.
    Which is really a good reason.

  12. Papabile says:

    Basilorat….. I am sure we know eachother, as I have known the three fathers since at least 1989…. well before they were ordained. :-)

    You’re right, that they are charitable, but I have a real suspicion that a former Tower Editor et al. won’t at some point make some very significant changes.

    They are very twee of course.

  13. Mitchell NY says:

    I said a quick prayer for the 3 Priests. I don’t know how the parishes in Glen Cove are but the DoRC I do. I grew up there. Tradition and the Tridentine Mass is something surely lacking here. Yes we have about 3 Churches that celebrate it, but anyone that knows LI, knows that they are in awful location, all but one., and far, far away as far as driving distances. I bet 60 % of LI’ers do not even know what or where “Cutchogue” is. We really do need a shot in the arm here. As for Latin, seldom heard here. There is much to do. The AC Veterum Sapientia should be the cornerstone for every Seminary in the world as far as formation goes. It is a solid foundation which one can build on. It is not a forgotten Constitution amongst many lay people and it is high time to implement it fully. We really do not need anything new as far as legislating it. It is all there, waiting too be implemented.

  14. One thing to keep in mind is that St. Rocco’s is a non-territorial Italian parish that still has an Italian Mass every Sunday. St. Patrick has a Spanish Mass every Sunday. I don’t think any group of priests would be well-advised to come in and start making wholesale changes right from the gate. Better to start cultivating friends and making gradual changes. Evolution is always more durable than revolution.

    Apart from that, with all due respect for the extraordinary form, we have at least four parishes I know in this diocese that already offer it. None offer the ordinary form in Latin. I think the latter is far more sorely needed. Remember, Latin is the proper language of the ordinary form too. I would gladly end my weekly wanderings to far-away places for one good ordinary form Latin Mass near me. Maybe one of the Canons will have some time to spare to offer such a Mass somewhere, anywhere in the Diocese.

  15. basilorat says:

    I’ll email Fr. Z and let him give you my email or vice versa! ahh the days of the Shrine! What a fun time. I agree, knowing the Fathers involved I do not doubt Masses shall be offered in the Old Form. Sadly people on traddy websites simply can’t stick with the premise of the discussion/argument! The issue never was should they, the only issue was would they. My immediate response was not likely soon. I know they will be doing it eventually as I’m sure you do. I don’t want to speculate or put words in their mouth, it would be disrespectful, but we both know their proclivities! Remember that wretched Chinese restaurant New Tong Chin, the pretentious Director of Liturgy? We must have a reunion.

  16. Hieronymus says:


    What is the point of a NO Mass in Latin? The changes foisted on the Church in the 60’s were done in the name of making it accessible and encouraging “active participation”. While granting that the “official” form of the NO is Latin, in practice it makes no sense. Give the NO to the people that like a pedestrian liturgy. I can’t see how anyone would go so far as to desire the gracefulness of Latin, but would actually prefer the watered-down, artificially fabricated new missal.

  17. TJerome says:

    Hieronymous, your comments are way off base. I attend Mass at St. John Cantius in Chicago where the EF and the OF are both offered in Latin. I enjoy both and find them both spiritually fulfilling. Since Vatican II mandated that Latin be preserved in the Mass there is a serious basis for retaining Latin in the OF, its official language. Please note, I grew up with the EF in all of its splendor since my parish had a Missa Cantata as the norm. Certain of the initial changes made sense to me, like shortening the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar and eliminating the Last Gospel. If the reforms had stopped there, I would have been perfectly content.

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