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A priest wonders why there is a revival of exorcists; Fr. Z rants

Take a look at this, from CWN and then… well… just take a look. Prominent US priest bemused by exorcism conference Father Richard Vega, a priest of the Archdiocese of band president of the National Federation of Priests Councils, has … Read More

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Of nuntii and bishopese and the “New Evangelization”

I had intended relay this the day Damian posted it on his blog at The Daily Telegraph.  I was reminded of it tonight over supper with friends (including the great Fr. Finigan). First, think about the “New Evangelization” that is … Read More

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Parenting: nintendo during Mass, Communion

Some food for thought for parents and for priests alike. I remember once how I caught hell from a weak-kneed pastor because I wouldn’t give Communion to a girl quite obviously chewing gum. Nintendo DS on the Communion Line BY … Read More

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QUAERITUR: survey at sermon time

From a reader: Today at Mass, instead of a homily the priest invited a member of the Parish Council to the podium to inform us that it would be helpful to them if we’d fill out a survey regarding the … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Mozart’s Requiem too distracting from prayer?

From a reader: Just an interesting link that highlights a requiem mass presided by three FSSP priests set to Mozart’s Requiem…if I only could be so lucky to have it like this for my funeral!! Even though I must ask…is … Read More

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Tuesday: Going to London

For you Londoners or others who are around town today… finally it isn’t raining. I will meet a friend for lunch.  Then probably wend my way across town to the British Library for the exhibit on the English language. I … Read More

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The Pope of Christian Unity changed an Anglican bishop’s mind

From CNA: Converting Anglican bishop says papal action changed the landscape Richborough, England, Nov 14, 2010 / 06:45 pm (CNA).- The Anglican Bishop of Richborough told his flock that he plans to become Catholic because Pope Benedict XVI’s  apostolic constitution … Read More

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