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Fr. Finigan and his scalpel on spirichooaliddy

This evening I had supper with His Hermeneuticalness himself!  Fr. Tim Finigan! He has on his excellent blog a good look at: The dangers of “Woman’s Weekly” spirichooaliddy I will give you a line or two.  I want you to … Read More


“It is good to strike the serpent’s head with your enemy’s hand.”

William Oddie of The Catholic Herald has an engaging piece about the mutual interests of Catholicism and Islam. It may be pretty much impossible to have discussions on doctrine, but we have common ground in combating secularism and the dictatorship … Read More

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QUAERITUR: I saw a woman walk away with Host, put It in pocket

From a reader: At my confirmation “spirit” day my parish priest asked me to altar serve. At communion one of the eucharistic ministers gave the host to a lady and I saw her walking very far with it and I … Read More

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QUAERITUR: using old Mass rubrics in the new Mass

From a reader: Recently, our apostolate targeted priests to say the Ordinary Form properly as well, and even encourage the use of the rubrics of the Extraordinary Form, in the Novus Ordo. Nonetheless, one of our priest consultants (who is … Read More

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Noblesse ought to oblige.

PLEASE CHECK THE UPDATES, below. In Spain at Sagrada Familia Queen Sophia refused to kneel before GOD and receive the Body of her Divine Saviour in the manner that the same Divine Savior’s Vicar on earth has pointed to as … Read More

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A social engineering experiment that didn’t work so well

It looks as if the openly homosexual Episcopalian bishop Gene Robinson is going to resign. I suspect he will not be joining a Ordinariate of Anglicanorum coetibus. It seems that Robinson wants more time with his “husband”. Blech. I guess … Read More

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