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The Big … um… News

People are wondering why I didn’t post about Archbp. Dolan’s election as President of the USCCB. I was doing far more pleasant things. Okay… here we go. Archbp. Dolan was elected President of the USCCB and the other guy wasn’t. … Read More

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Wise allocation of time and resources?

The last strictly domestic flight I had, I watched as a female TSA supervisor sidled over to a make officer and say something quietly. He looked at me and then slightly shook his head, as if to shake off what … Read More

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In town

I am taking a brief break from my visit to the exhibit on the English language at the British Library. They close in at 8 local time tonight, after which I will have eat something. This is a public service … Read More


US bishop hear the word “blog” during meeting

Problem: Catholic Bishops in general today know as much about most social issues – in this case the internet and social networking – as they did about astronomy in the 16th century. With that in mind… a note from the … Read More

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Benedict XVI on the role of bishops conferences

First, let me ask: Have you read Apostolos suos yet, as I suggested elsewhere? As the USCCB has a plenary meeting, as the CEI still hums with the Pope’s message, this comes from CNA: Pope: Bishops’ conferences should serve bishops … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can a church’s name be changed?

Parish mergers happen.  When they do, sometimes a new name is cobbled up to identify the new entity.  Sometimes, however, names of churches are changed. From a reader: There is a parish in my diocese that was formed years ago … Read More

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Catholic priests in the military: serious shortage

Back in the day, I reached out to the US Navy about being a chaplain.  I never heard back.  I am probably too old now. I have, however, heard stories from chaplain friends about non-Catholic superiors putting head pressure on … Read More

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Church sign

Speaking of signs, a reader sent me this shot taken somewhere in Dallas, TX. It made me chuckle.

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Change to the coat-of-arms of the Roman Curia?

I found something you should know about. Preamble:  Surely someone with little intellectual flexibility will opine that all the heraldry stuff is meaningless in our sophisticated modern world, or that people who are interested in it are, well, as effete … Read More

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