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QUAERITUR: sandals

From a reader: When I was on vacation at Lookout Mountain, Georgia USA, I saw the Priest wearing SANDALS with his vestments. Yeah – that surprised me, too! Is this normal? Shoes are rather new-fangled inventions, actually. And there are … Read More

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A priest’s thoughts about celebrating “ad orientem” for the first time

Do you remember the Monty Python sketch about the funniest joke in the word?  It was so funny that it would kill you.  Even just seeing a couple words of the joke on paper would put you in the hospital. … Read More

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Journey to the place of the Strong Shield

Sunday’s are, inter alia, good days for adventures. Having left Gotham and the nearby Flatiron, I went in search of the Strong Shield. I caught a redeye… For some countryside. A view from the train form King’s Cross Station to … Read More

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Opus Angelorum cleared

I read in CNA that the group called the Opus Angelorum has received a nod from the Holy See after some years of probation. The Opus Angelorum received some scrutiny because of some question about their veneration and promotion of … Read More

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In Cordoba it a “cathedral”, not a “mosque”

Something that irks me is the penchant for mainstream media types to refer to this or that city where there is some important shrine for Islam as the “holy city of FILL IN THE BLANK”.  I suppose I could stomach … Read More

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