The Feeder Feed: ORANGE!

Today as I was driving, a flash of orange swooped in front of me.  Oriole, thought I.

I had put out orange slices in the hope of attracting the first returning Orioles.

Now the place is lousy with Orioles!

On my return home, they had knocked down the slices and were busily stripping them clean on the ground.

I put out more.  More came.

Mrs. Oriole.

Mr. and Mrs.

The House Finches wanted in on the action.

This fellow is of such an intense orange it is hard to imagine that he didn’t stop at some garage for detailing.

So!  I will be buying more oranges and also grape jelly.  They love grape jelly.

In the last week I have seen the return of Brown Thrasher, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Baltimore Oriole, and a few less attractive species.

I am now waiting for the humming birds.  I will clean the feeders right away and hang them up tonight.

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  1. Teresamerica says:

    What beautiful birdies! Being from Maryland Orioles will always be one of my favorite types of birds.

  2. wanda says:

    They are so beautiful. I wonder why they didn’t pass through Maryland, you know, Baltimore O’s, etc.? (Maybe because we’re in last place?) Anyway, we will try putting out the Oriole feeder again and see if we have luck. Thank you for the gorgeous photos of your birdz!

  3. wanda: they really like grape jelly.

  4. Maria says:

    Wow Father, what beautiful birds.
    We do not have Orioles here in the UK and it was a real treat to see your lovely photographs.

  5. Here (Long Island, NY) it is their distinctive song that tells us they have returned. I frequently hear them sing from neighboring trees while I am working out in the garden. Their song always feels like a greeting and makes me smile.

    We have a grapevine arbor over the deck. It seems they also love grapes!

  6. irishgirl says:

    Wow, those orioles have really brilliant plumage! And they sure love those orange slices!

  7. andycoan says:

    So am I the only person who can’t see the images?

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