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WDTPRS POLL: Your Mass preparation and follow up during the week

I am curious about your preparation for Holy Mass or Divine Liturgy on Sundays and Holy Days or Feasts.  This applies to both forms of the Roman Rite and other Rites as well. Please choose the best answer and, if … Read More

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NCR’s attack on Pope Benedict

The fishwrappers of the National catholic Fishwrap have today an editorial on their website which is an open attack on Pope Benedict.  It is really long, some 1400 words.  I don’t know whether I will treat it here in full.  … Read More

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Of gratitude, pasta, optimism, and final huzzays

The UPS truck – a happy sight – just deposited a package sent by an esteemed reader, MMK, who spotted Rigatoncini by Rustichella on my wishlist. This is a good brand.  The pasta isn’t merely a platform for the preparation, … Read More

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Of Monnica and Martyrs

Today in the older, venerable, traditional Roman calendar, is the feast of St. Monica, widow and mother of St. Augustine of Hippo.  In the post-Conciliar calendar her feast was transferred to the end of August.  Monnica, is a spelling that … Read More

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Card. Bertone offers up more about the Third Secret of Fatima

Andrea Tornielli has a piece about interviews given by His Eminence Tarcisio Card. Bertone in the days surrounding the beatification of Pope John Paul II during which the topic of the “third secret” of Fatima was brushed up. At the … Read More

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SSPX reaction to the Anglican Ordinariate and the recent converts

Long-time participant HE alerted me to the following from the site of the SSPX. They are happy about the reception of so many former Anglicans entering into the Roman obedience. As you know, Anglicans are able to enter full union … Read More

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What NOT to do if you don’t like the new translation

I have often said that people who don’t like the new, corrected translation of the Roman Missal should protest by refusing to use it and using instead only Latin. Someone else thinks that it might be good to go to … Read More

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