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The Feeder Feed: vernal returns

Now that Spring is getting serious, I am keeping my eyes peeled for the return of species which went south for the Winter. This beady-eyed returnee is Toxostoma rufum. Meet Brown Thrasher. He is sitting on top of the feeder … Read More

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Observations on the Toowoomba Tumult. Fr. Z rants.

I am about to rant about Toowoomba and the NCFishwrap. Join a protest against the NCFishwrap during their fundraising drive by sending money to me.  I explain it here, but just trust me.  It’s a good idea. My rant today … Read More

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QUAERITUR: How much power does a bishop have over the liturgy in the diocese?

From a reader: I was introduced to Canon 838 and surrounding. My understanding is that the bishop is free to do whatever he wants liturgically provided that the Apostolic See has not decreed to the contrary. Of course, he is … Read More

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Help in brainstorming

I have reviewed some booklets for use at Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  Lately I showed you the Angelus Press booklet, intended mainly for adults. Imagine that a diligent Catholic who loves both forms of the Roman Rite, desires … Read More

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QUAERITUR: seminarians and clerical dress and WDTPRS POLL

From a seminarian: I’m wondering, I seem to remember hearing about a letter or something where Pope Benedict asked seminarians to wear clericals when going to audiences or something… I believe this was in reference to his visit to the … Read More

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50 years ago today… where were you?

Fifty years ago today, a guy crawled up on top of an 70+ foot high Roman candle knowing that someone would light the fuse and blow him into space riding something called “Freedom 7”. In April 1961 the Bay of … Read More

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Star trails

Another way to star gaze, from Astronomy Pic of the Day. Sky in motion from Chris Kotsiopoulos on Vimeo.

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