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The Feeder Feed: some variety

Here is some variety from the Feeder. Here is Indigo Bunting. Mrs. and Mr. Cardinal visited together!  I am glad to see he finally found a gal. Here is Harris’s Sparrow. Here is White-Throated Sparrow. Here is Irritated … er … Read More

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Mass said for Osama Bin Laden?

The Canonical Defender himself, Dr. Ed Peters, has an interesting post on him interesting blog, In the Light of the Law.  My emphases. A request for Mass to be celebrated for the repose of Osama Bin Laden’s soul that was … Read More

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Digging at the guts

You might recall that the computer which powered the Z-Cam is down and out. I ordered an gizmo which allows you to connect a hard disk drive to a USB port.  This is a SATA/PATA/IDE Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter … Read More

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Bishops must speak upalatable truths

First preliminary point. I have often suggested prayer not only for priests but for bishops. The Enemy of our souls hates priests, and hates bishops even more. Their burdens are very heavy and their mistakes can have grave consequences. They … Read More

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QUAERITUR: sign of Cross after Holy Communion – WDTPRS POLL

From a reader: Some friends were having a discussion about whether or not making the sign of the cross after receiving Holy Communion is encouraged, discouraged, or doesn’t matter either way.  What say you ? I saaaaay…. I sayyyyy… Sure.  … Read More

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Of fish, dragons and pity

I needed a down day. I had a half down day yesterday, too.  I met with my literary group, going on since 1997 now.  We are reading Gerard Manley Hopkins.  If anyone is interesting, drop me a line and I … Read More

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