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Notes about today’s Fishwrap

First, the following people were added – since last time – for the Wednesday Mass for benefactors following the Fishwrap Protest. JV, MM, TM, JS, JM, MG, SK, DL, DS, MB, NG, KR, BF, DS, MK, AB, SN, ST, ACO … Read More

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Houston, we have a problem.

Things were going too well. The computer that runs the Z-Cam simply will not turn on. I shall have to get out the trephine, I’m afraid, and rouse out its brains. I needed this like a hole in the head. … Read More

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For a change, a Catholic media agency’s look at the tumult in Toowoomba

There are virtually always many sides to the story when it comes to the bad governance of a parish or diocese, heck, any human endeavor. Here is another view of the Diocese of Toowoomba, whence Bp. William Morris was recently … Read More

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FLASH! Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says

In the “Outer Rim Territories” section of the Galactic Empire Times, we find this article.  My emphases and comments. Be sure to go to the GET and spike their stats. Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says By DEN DHUR and … Read More

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Chicago: The Pfleger Follies continue!

Giving an ultimatum in public to a Cardinal Archbishop when you are a priest of the diocese entrusted to that that Cardinal Archbishop, would, I believe, be considered by most priests to be at the level of daft.  One might … Read More

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Chillin’ the Veuve

Friday, 13 May… Our Lady of Fatima and Universae Ecclesiae. Chill the Widow. In the meantime… have some Mystic Monk Coffee…. or Tea! Their shipping is pretty fast. In the meantime… remember this from the great Vincenzo? 07/07/07

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Fight over new Catholic chaplain of the U.S. Senate

Ten years ago there was a conflict over the appointment of a Catholic priest as chaplain for the U.S. House of Representatives. Recently, a Catholic priest, a Jesuit was appointed as chaplain for the U.S. Senate. Former speaker pro-abortion Rep. … Read More

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HELP! Fr. Z needs some sports equivalents

I am comparing the forthcoming Instruction Universae Ecclesiae to a baseball no-hitter, rather than a perfect game. What would be the equivalents for perfect game and no-hitter in other sports? I am especially interested in analogous accomplishments in cricket and … Read More

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Universae Ecclesiae… Instruction on Summorum Pontificum.

The cat is out of the bag. The Instruction is called Universae Ecclesiae and it will indeed be published very soon.  There is an embargo on the text until 12 noon Rome time 13 May, at which time I will … Read More

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Ex ore infantium: ugly edition

From priest: Really enjoyed that bit of precocious 5 year old humor you gave us! Thought you might like another. This happened many years ago back in my former Diocese when it was suffering under the iron handed rule of … Read More

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