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  1. SemiSpook says:

    We would…but two small children and two cats tend to put a damper on that…

  2. Iowander says:

    4 kids under 4. This is how we roll.

  3. The cats would knock over the candles and set themselves on fire. However, a friend says that I can get one with LED candles. Hmmmm.

  4. jilly4ski says:

    Iowander, that is awesome. We don’t have a wreath either because small children/apartment/broke but we could probably pull that off.

  5. GeekLady says:

    The trailing rosemary in our front bed really took off this year, so I cut off a big pile of long pieces and braided them into the garland that’s wound twice around the stand. There’s tons more, so I can probably make a fresh one for Christmas.
    Please excuse the mess in the background, we’ve all been pretty sick the past two weeks.

  6. I’ve got the LED kind, because my apartment has weird drafts. It’s tiny, but it looks nice and the batteries for the lights are long-lasting.

  7. Velle Mere says:

    The kids and I melted purple and pink crayons and painted unscented white pillar candles last night so that they would be ready for today.


  8. pm125 says:

    Rearranging for winter life (sort of cottage) and the calendar is ahead of me, due to consequences of weather and other events; but, it will be on the table before time for the second candle lighting. Couldn’t find much loved hemlock, but today fraser fir pieces to go with storm-destroyed arbor vitae greens.

    I was thinking that the wreath in the column to the right would be good on a mug. What happens to make the wreath become a halo on this side?

    Technology of transfering pictures from san disk to file to combox seems daunting and time consuming. Fun with “wireless” wires, not for me yet. Still have to dismantle good a PC from ’95.

  9. AnAmericanMother says:

    Rolled back into town this evening and had to pick up the dogs from the boarding kennel . . . . but all the Advent stuff, including the wreath, is coming out tomorrow without fail. We’ll just do the first candle a trifle late . . . that has happened before.
    No kids at home right now, but three very active dogs and a mischievous Siamese cat. We don’t leave the wreath lighted and unattended, and things work out o.k.

  10. Phillip says:

    Got the wreath. Now I just have to find those purple and rose candles…got a box of cheap taper ones a few years ago…I’m sure they’re somewhere.

  11. AnnAsher says:

    I can never find pink candles and repeatedly fail to order in advance and repeatedly fail to order more than one. So it’s set up but our Rose candle is white.
    Also super excited about place mats I got from Wee Believers. They have a new prayer each Sunday and the kids get to color in the flame on the candles on the mat, one Sunday at a time. Very cool and hopefully keeps me on track

  12. Will D. says:

    No pictures at the moment, as the kitchen table looks like a bomb went off on it, but I deployed the Advent wreath before dinner tonight. I used the prayers from the Magnificat to ask the Lord to bless it.
    After four Advents, the candles are burnt down to stubs. I think I my have to head down to the local Catholic bookstore to get new ones before Christmas rolls around this year.

  13. Phillip says:

    Well, I found two purple candles and a kind of pinkish one. If only Advent were a week a shorter.

  14. jz0427 says:

    Pillar candles on stands inside the wreath. We could not find 4 of the same holders so had to go with two different heights and alternate them.
    We have to roll the tablecloth up on the baby’s side so he doesn’t yank it. The 3 year old needs to be reminded not to touch the wreath while the candle is lit. Luckily the 7 and 5 year old are used to it by now. :)


  15. neworleansgirl says:

    I found the candles that I purchased in advance for LAST year’s wreath. You know, you buy them early and then stash them somewhere special so they won’t be lost. Then forget where you stashed them. I found them in a drawer in the laundry room. So the wreath is set up, it’s just a basic brass frame. I can’t find the greenery though, it’s probably packed with the Christmas decor. Will have to grab some today. But the Jesse Tree is up and awaiting its first ornament on Thursday.

  16. tripudians says:

    Yes my wonderful wife made one – we also had it blessed yesterday. One cat and one little kid so far without accidents… http://jpbfwd.fotodenicek.cz/?p=20111126_091926_9109

  17. irishgirl says:

    I live alone, and I’m pretty terrified of anything having to do with candles and fire, so no wreath.
    Never had one, and never will.

  18. Genevieve says:

    Since the birth of my daughter last year, I have approached Advent woefully unprepared. Last year, I was shocked (shocked!) when I couldn’t find colored candles anywhere in my little town. I had waited too close to advent to order them in time and then our little monkey was born and everything else went by the wayside. This year I bought advent candles from an out of town Catholic bookstore in October. But, we are in the midst of a move and I can’t find my candle holders anywhere.
    So we tried to substitute a fancy schmany silver candelabra, and I even wound ivy and purple ribbon around it, but the candles were too small for the holes and wouldn’t stand up. We found one holder last night and so managed to have a semblance of a devotional. It was far from my aspirations, however. I’ll come up with something else before next Sunday, and pictures would need to wait until then.
    Those that have small children and animals at home might take the advice of Leila Lawler, a most fabulous Catholic wife, mother, homeschooler, and blogger. She gives directions on how to rig up a hanging wreath here: http://ourmothersdaughters.blogspot.com/2009/11/advent-prayers-and-little-more-on-how-i.html#more
    Fr. Z’s blog sometimes tends to be geared more towards other priests than towards the ecclesia domestica, so if you ever want/ need practical advice on how to create a Catholic culture in your very own home, Leila’s delightful blog is the answer. I can’t say enough positive things about her. Really, Father, you ought to endorse her. She’s very orthodox, and manages to boil down the theology into practical, daily life terms for the lay people.

  19. Mary Jane says:

    Wreath is set up! I forgot to light the first candle yesterday….argh. :)

  20. jmhj5 says:

    I usually do, but I will enjoy your two on your homepage. You keep the candles going all the time. Thank you! My children made theirs and sent pictures. One was a three year old at a Catholic pre-k. They made play dough and used birthday candles. They sent all the traditional prayers home for the Advent. Let us all pray for each other and our families. Mother Mary please pray for our families, draw us to your Son-JESUS!

  21. Daria says:

    Here’s a picture of ours from my blog:
    You can usually get the candles at a Christian bookstore. Amazon has them in all sizes. We light it at grace before dinner, and blow out the candles when we finish eating, thus not unmonitored fire hazard. The pink and purple glass ornaments came from Walmart. Maybe a bit too flashy for advent, but the kids are happy to see this since we don’t put up decorations until Gaudete Sunday.

  22. birgit says:

    As a contributor to a collaborative Catholic blog, Catholic Sistas, I have posted my own Advent meditations and an Advent Wreath project for the readers. The wreath in the illustration is the wreath we are using. http://www.catholicsistas.com/2011/11/17/adventuresome-family-fun/

  23. we are set with our simple advent wreath. dad blessed the wreath on sunday.

    our little ones have their own fabric wreaths.

  24. Cum lazaro says:

    We just have a line of candles! (Pretty pathetic and I’m so thoroughly ashamed I can’t bring myself to photograph it.)

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