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Strange Medjugorje news

I prefer to keep WDTPRS a fairly “Medjugorje Free Zone”.   It’s all too strange for me, I’m afraid.  That said, a while ago I had a note from someone declaring that if the Holy See gives approval to the Medjugorje … Read More

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I guess it’s a “conscience thing”

From the delightfully-named Weasel Zippers comes this: [Former Speaker of the House and catholic Nancy] Pelosi [D-CA8] on Catholic’s Being Anti-Abortion: “They Have This Conscience Thing”… And she called Cain “clueless?” Via WaPo: . . . Pelosi recently was criticized … Read More

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Blog was down for a while

The blog was down for a while today due, as I am able to figure out, to a massive outage at a key internet provider.  There was some kind of core network failure.  In any event, the fact that I … Read More

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Reflections on the closing of the Irish Embassy to the Holy See

I’ve been thinking about the decision to close the Irish Embassy to the Holy See. If I were the Vatican’s Secretary of State, I would close the Holy See’s Embassy in Ireland because of budgetary constraints, and inform them that … Read More

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What I think about that!

This echoes something of my thought about the new Shakespeare movie which I don’t intend to pay to see.

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QUAERITUR: Saying “for all” even after the new translation is in force.

From a reader: I was wondering what the mind of Catholics ought to be toward the validity of Masses which are celebrated after the implementation of the Third Edition of the Roman Missal by certain Priests who may dare to … Read More

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