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Does Pope Benedict have arthrosis? (degenerative joint condition in his legs)

From Phil Lawler at CWN: The Pope’s aching joints; the Vatican’s odd silence By Phil Lawler | November 09, 2011 Today CWN passes along the report that Pope Benedict suffers from a degenerative joint condition in his legs. Although I … Read More

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CWN – Irish foreign minister: Pope not invited for 2012 visit

From CWN: Irish foreign minister: Pope not invited for 2012 visit November 09, 2011 A papal visit to Ireland in 2012 now seems unlikely, in light of a public statement by the country’s foreign minister that the government does not … Read More

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Coach Paterno – WDTPRS POLL

UPDATE 10 Nov 0320 GMT: I just saw a news flash that Penn State has sacked Joe Paterno effective immediately.  I’ll close the poll, below. ___ Hugh Hewitt tonight is covering the situation with Penn State and Joe Paterno.  There … Read More

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EAS and EAS… ?!? Coincidence? You decide!

Something odd happened today.   I watch very little TV during the day but sometimes if I am making lunch or doing something in the kitchen I switch it on to see if something interesting is going on. As I watched, … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Are Eastern Catholics also “Roman” Catholics?

From a reader: Are ALL Catholics, (Eastern Rite Church) considered Roman Catholics? Or do they go by the name of the rite, like Maronite Rite Catholics? Had to answer this question in school, and didn’t know the difference. I am … Read More

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Episcopal Church nuns received into the Catholic Church

UPDATE: I posted a request to readers HERE about writing to the sisters to welcome them into formal communion. ___ I enjoyed this story in the Baltimore Sun: Archdiocese of Baltimore welcomes new order of nuns All Saints’ Sisters of … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Priest lost use of arm. Is Mass still valid?

From a reader: A priest I know has temporarily lost the use of his left arm because of surgery and has been saying Mass using his right arm only. He keeps his left arm under the chasuble, and someone else … Read More

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Archd. of New York’s particular law forbidding Catholic ministers any participation in same sex “marriage”

The Canonical Defender, Prof. Ed Peters, author of a useful book on “annulments” (paperback and Kindle) has posted at his excellent blog In The Light Of The Law about particular laws for the Archdiocese of New York issued by Archbishop … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Is “I absolve you” alone sufficient for validity?

From a reader: Dear Fr. Z I recently went to confession, the priest said everything correctly (atleast, im pretty sure he did anyway) up until the part where he is suppose to say “I absolve you of you’r sins.” but, … Read More

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