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The protesters were very young, very angry, and very well-dressed.

No, this is not about the Occupy Wall Street idiots, with their roasted beat with goat-cheese and spinach salads. A friend sent me a note about this fun story from Breitbart. You know that something has gone dreadfully wrong when … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Praying “ad orientem” as a family in the home

From a reader: Since I have found your blog, I have read it with much interest. You recently had a post regarding “ad orientem” at Mass. What would be “proper”/traditional way to have a catholic family pray. We often pray in … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Attachment to Sin, Indulgences, and You.

As I write it is All Hallows Eve, the Vigil of the Feast of All Saints.  As November begins will are called upon by Holy Church to pray in a special way all month long for the Poor Souls, whom … Read More

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England: Confraternity of Catholic Clergy formed and now active!

Some time ago I mentioned in these electronic pages that in England some good, loyal, faithful, holy priests were forming a Confraternity of Catholic Clergy. Here is an update received from one of their organizers. British Confraternity of Priests Meets … Read More

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What is your good news?

Let us know about some good news you can pass along! For my part, I am enjoying beautiful and unexpected nice weather. Also, I am very close to hitting my monthly donation goal/budget for the first time in a loooong … Read More



From ANH: Occupy Vancouver movement almost takes over Catholic church Vancouver Archbishop Michael Miler [Miller] anticipated the march of protesters and requested extra police protection outside the cathedral to prevent the disruption of the mass. Organizers of the Occupy Vancouver … Read More

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Platitude Cookie Alert

Ugh. Isn’t there a Latin proverb that covers this?

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And what would you like with that stake?

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KC Star refuses to report other side regarding Bp. Finn and Diocese. Refuses even to take paid ad.

How deep can anti-Catholic bigotry run in the mainstream press?  Read on. At Serviam I noticed this, in reference to the situation of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph and the embattled Bishop Robert Finn. I’ve said previously that the [newspaper … Read More

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John Rist on the “white paper” from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

Someone pointed out that Rod Dreher conveyed some remarks of a thinker to whom I do pay a great deal of attention. Apparently, John Rist, an eminent scholar of St. Augustine and a moral philosopher and ethicist, spoke about Caritas … Read More

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Writing to priests, bishops, nuncio, Vatican offices with praise, rather than complaints

My friend Fr. Ray Blake posted to his blog about an outstanding idea (slightly edited). [A] number of Scottish dioceses are going to become vacant soon, the same is true in England. What should one do? Write! Write to the … Read More

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Your Sunday sermon notes

Did you hear a good point or, perhaps, more than one point in your Sunday sermon? What was it?


I dunno. You decide. Sensible or snobbery.

On the site of ZAGAT (I am looking for some reviews) I saw this. I was a little annoyed by it. Sure, some of the things on this list are clearly super cheap for ingredients and preparation but vastly over … Read More

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Bp. Slattery: great comments on TLM, Latin, “ad orientem” worship

Several people wrote about this via email and I also saw it posted by the ever-alert folks at Rorate.  You will recall the outstanding Bp. Edward Slattery of Tulsa, about whom we have written before.  Bp. Slattery stepped in at … Read More

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USCCB doctrine committee confirmed its position on the theological work of Sr. Elizabeth Johnson

Remember Sr. Elizabeth Johnson?  Teacher at the Jesuit-run Fordham University?  She wrote some things about the Holy Trinity that seemed to the US Bishops not to be exactly in line with Catholic doctrine and was called on it.  She objected. … Read More

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What one does on flights.

I am reading this 2010 book sent by a reader here about Constantine by Paul Stephenson at the suggestion of His Hermeneuticalness the great P.P. of Blackfen and Dean of Bexley.

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Anglican Archbp. Rowan Williams on the tone of language in the King James Bible

Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams was interviewed on Vatican Radio. He made comments about the language of the King James Bible, which has an important anniversary this year.  You can hear the interview here.  Listen from about the last minute or … Read More

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Thanks to readers!

Thank you for the birthday greetings which so many of you sent.  Yet another year.  How quickly they pass.  I more and more resonate with the biblical image of the years of our lives passing as quickly as the shuttle … Read More

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Pagan chant to the deity Olokun in the Basilica of St. Francis during Assisi III

I think the whole Assisi III thing was overblown. I watched a bit of it and read some of the interventions. Dull. However, someone sent this by email.  In the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi, for this inter-religious confab … Read More

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WaPo on the new translation and an “ineffable” sighting!

Just what you were waiting for.  WaPo on the implementation of the new, corrected translation. Catholics’ Mass liturgy changing; ‘ritual whiplash’ ahead? By Michelle Boorstein, Published: October 27 English-speaking Catholics are bracing for the biggest changes to their Mass since … Read More

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