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My view for a while

Off to Phoenix. I could use some prayers for this cold!

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Mystic Monk Coffee K-Cups are “Monk Shots”

I have noticed that quite a few of you are buying Mystic Monk Coffee K-Cups! They call them “Monk Shots”. What are Monk Shots?  Let the Wyoming Carmelites explain: After years of research and development, we are proud to release … Read More

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Epistomological rubbish and the dictatorship of relativism

I have been reading about “pensiero debole“… “weak” or “soft” thought. This is mostly an Italian trend in post-modernism. Dreadful. It is like … chaos theory meets epistomology. One interpretation is pitted against another for the sake of weakening all … Read More

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Z-Cam is on and thanks to readers

I am from time to time switching on the Z-Cam, which streams some music and prayers in Latin, including the entirety of the Rosary, in a loop. You can reach the Ustream page of the Z-Cam & what was once … Read More

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