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Nuns and Ohio voter fraud

A priest friend sent me this. I wonder Sr. Simone Campbell thinks about this. From Cincinnati.com: A Greater Cincinnati nun is suspected of illegally casting a ballot for another nun who died before last November’s election, a new case of … Read More

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Interesting papal trivia

At the improving Catholic News Service there is an interesting papal trivia post. Check it out HERE. As with baseball, the accumulation of small pieces of information can be of critical importance in that moment of greatest need! Here is … Read More

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Papal spokesman on SSPX, last minute gesture from Pope Benedict

There has been some chatter about the possibility that before 28 February Pope Benedict would do something for the SSPX. An 11th hour sign of benevolence, perhaps. I doubted that. Today the papal spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ, mentioned this … Read More

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Re-Elect The Pope gear “in the wild” – BUTTONS AVAILABLE

The Committee To Re-Elect The Pope was formed on the day Pope Benedict announced his resignation. We all, I think, want a man who stands in continuity with Benedict and understands and share his vision about a range of things, … Read More

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Question to readers for clarity’s sake: Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood – What’s up?

I have found that when I place a question here to the readership, experts (and non-) come out of the woodwork. So, I put a question to the readers. Do you know what the situation is right now with the … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z considers doing something questionable

I am – horribile scriptu – considering subscribing to the online New York Times (aka Hell’s Bible) for the duration of all the papal stuff going on. Know your enemy, after all. Even as I think about this, I keep … Read More

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