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Blog problem today. Coincidence?

The blog was down in a strange way today.  It would not load.  Perhaps one of the web processes had a problem.  Server reboot.  Fixed. However, both Free Republic and Drudge were down today too. And now that the blog … Read More

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In honor of Ember Wednesday in Lent

As I explained in today’s LENTCAzT there is a connection between today’s Ember Day observance and Japanese food. In honor of that connection … tempura!

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Wherein Fr. Z makes a suggestion to Cardinal Electors

Here is a point that is so obvious that I am surprised no one has made it yet. Some people are talking – as they did in 2005 – about the election of a cardinal from the “emerging” Church.  Several … Read More

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Laudamus Te Magazine. Fr. Z makes a proposal.

Sometime ago I wrote about the a fairly new publication called Laudamus Te, HERE.  You can find readers’ comments about it under that entry. One year subscription is $32 per year. They have a volume rate, which will help parishes and … Read More

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