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HEY JOURNALISTS! HEY TV PEOPLE! Try pronouncing “papacy” correctly?

To journalists writing about Pope Benedict “the papacy”. PRONOUNCE IT PROPERLY! Papacy is pronounced “pey-puh-see” not “pap-uh-see”. If you can’t get that, try IPA, which any self-respecting person which speaks often in public ought to know about: ˈpeɪpəsi And if … Read More

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Of TEOTWAWKI, Your Black Unconfessed Sins, and You

People sometimes think, “Oh, those poor people.  That could never happen here.” And then it does. The people in Russia who had the encounter with the bus-size exploding meteor, got up that day just like you did.   Remember that … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can I eat insect parts on Fridays?

Since the topic came up elsewhere, I thought it a good idea to revive this question from a reader and repost it: From a reader: Do insect products count as meat products, and therefore prohibited on Fridays and other days … Read More

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First, help each other out by checking “Your Urgent Prayer Requests” Also, please use my “sharing” buttons on the posts?  Thanks! First… Re-Elect Pope Benedict SWAG!!   And just for nice… Some recent posts, since things are happening fast. And … Read More

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Thinking about Pope Benedict – a lenten Friday papal musical interlude

One of the last complete works that Wolfgang Mozart wrote was his Clarinet Concerto in A (K. 622). There is a lovely symmetry in this being one of Pope Benedict’s favorite works of his favorite composer. Since I was a … Read More

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Lent, Alligators and You

Someone sent me a copy of a letter written by the Archbishop of New Orleans to a member of his flock about eating alligator during Lent.  The answer is “yes”.  You may eat alligator during Lent. This is old news … Read More

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Putting the Pope and Church bashers in perspective

I understand that the execrable Garry Wills – who is capitalizing on the papal news to sell another book full of distortions and lies – had an interview somewhere in which he predictably bashed Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church. … Read More

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Another way to destroy the Church where you are.

Hell’s Bible has a piece about one way some people are trying to “revitalize” the Catholic Church in Brazil.  Rather, this is how Hell’s Bible and those who work for the enemy against the Church want the Church to try … Read More

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Z-Swag “in the wild”!

I received a nice photo of some Z-Swag “in the wild”!  His blog is HERE. Click HERE for swag! In the meantime, perhaps the Holy Father needs something:

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