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Benedict’s Last Official Speech – a summary of his vision

I am sure an official translation will come out soon, if not already, but I wanted to savor the last official words of Pope Benedict XVI.  I did my own, below.  The last off-the-cuff remarks at the window at Castel … Read More

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Apostolica Sedes Vacans…

We are now in the state of the Catholic Church called “sede vacante“… describing the fact that the See (of Rome) is empty.  The Latin “sede vacante” is ablative, describing existing circumstances in a larger context.  Otherwise we refer to … Read More

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Images of the Pope’s departure

The Holy Father is leaving the Apostolic Palace to go to Castel Gandolfo. Some images… Our final view of Pope Benedict XVI as Roman Pontiff. UPDATE:  The doors are closed.    

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Bp. Vasa (D. Santa Rosa) under fire for requiring Catholic school teachers to live according to the Faith

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat has an interseting story about an initiative in the local Diocese of Santa Rosa where Most Rev. Robert Vasa is bishop. It occurred to me as I read this that people who make a push … Read More

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QUAERITUR: What will the former Pope’s coat-of-arms look like?

From a reader in the combox under another entry: I propose that for Benedict’s new coat of arms, he should keep the keys but remove the mitre and pallium, replacing them with a white galero with 21 tassels. I have … Read More

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