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Ash Wednesday by T.S. Eliot

Have you ever read or studied T.S Eliot’s poem Ash Wednesday? You should have, you know. Let us not let Ash Wednesday pass without at least touching on the poem. If you have never read or heard it, at least … Read More

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Rutler on the Pope’s abdication

Someone forwarded what Fr. George Rutler contributed to Crisis about the Pope’s abdication.  Let’s have a look with my emphases and comments. Benedict’s Decision in the Light of Eternity What God knows is not necessarily what God wills. Each pope is guaranteed … Read More

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Translating the “catholics For Choice” statement about Pope Benedict

When Pope Benedict announced his abdication, the heretical “catholics for Choice” issued a statement.    I didn’t want to sully my hands with it but someone else got out the little plastic bag and did the dirty work. At the … Read More

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Bp. Sample’s great Pastoral Letter on Sacred Music

My old friend now-Archbishop Alex Sample, before his translation to Portland, issued a Pastoral Letter on Sacred Music for the Diocese of Marquette.  It is called “Rejoice in the Lord” and it is a hit. First, remember his spectacular sermon … Read More

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HEY LATIN STUDENTS! Conventiculum Viomingense (very cool)

The other day I shared a photo of the Wyoming Catholic College display at the Legatus Summit.  This was one of the t-shirts. Is that cool, or what?   And now comes this!   CONVENTICULUM VIOMINGENSE  We are happy to … Read More

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Knox Bible translation to be online

17 February will be the 125th Birthday of Fr. Ronald Knox, who did that amazing translation of the Bible. I got a note from the nice people at Baronius Press, who reprinted the Knox Bible recently, that they will be … Read More

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Remember! Fast and abstinence! What’s your plan?

What are you all having for your meals today? I had no breakfast.  I plan on vegetable soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and for supper salad of mixed greens and oil and vinegar.

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QUAERITUR: What will Benedict XVI be called after his abdication?

Many have written asking what the Holy Father will be called after he abdicates his office on 28 February. I haven’t seen anything from the Holy See about this yet. However, I can speculate.  What are blogs for, after all? … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Why can a Pope resign? Why isn’t being Pope “for life”?

I have received a lot of emotional email in the last couple days.  I am a bit emotional myself. Many questions have been raised by the Holy Father’s impending abdication. This is from a reader: Can you please shed light … Read More

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The Holy Father’s comments before his final general audience

The Holy Father’s comments before his general audience today: Dear Brothers and Sisters, As you know, I have decided [huge applause] – thank you for your kindness – to renounce the ministry which the Lord entrusted to me on 19 … Read More

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