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The Death Penalty – being “vindictive” in the Church’s Magisterium

Fr. George Rutler has a fascinating and mind-concentrating bit at the site of Crisis.  I hope it will encourage both you and others.   Go check out Crisis for sure, but lest anyone in laziness not click over there, here is … Read More

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Pres. Obama says he “couldn’t be prouder” of NARAL and Roe v Wade

Here’s a note of special interest to Catholic quislings who supported President Obama in both elections. From LifeSite: Obama tells NARAL activists to ‘celebrate’ Roe, says ‘I couldn’t be prouder’ of them WASHINGTON, D.C., February 7, 2013, (LifeSiteNews.com) – President … Read More

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Phoenix Legatus Summit Day 2

The first talk today is by George Weigel. Weigel is explaining that the three footings of Western Civilization, termed “Jerusalem (Biblical truths and revelation), Athens (rationality – we can know truths) and Rome (the rule of law is better than … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Orders of women religious who accept later vocations

From a reader: Father, do your wonderful readers have suggestions about women’s religious orders that cater to late vocations (late 30’s)? Someone in our family is discerning. I don’t, but I hope some of the readers here will. The question … Read More

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