Sometimes when priests respond to a call for help they run into parking problems.  It can help to have a plate or sign in the car to put in the windshield when parking at the hospital. It occurred to me that having a visible car magnet might be good for these situations.

Hey!  Even when visiting a downtown parish and looking for a little short term free parking… I’m just sayin’…

I looked around and didn’t find any I like.  I like BLUNT.

So, I made my own and put them in my cafepress store.

I have variations in Black and White, Red and White, Red and Black.

I have some that simply say


Some have


I even have a couple spiffy car FLAGS for the more flamboyant priest.

I am going to order a few of the mags for priests I know and for myself.

I’ll bet your parish priests AND BISHOPS might like to have one or two of these.

I even have a couple variations of license plates.



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  1. APX says:

    Perhaps could get out of a few speeding tickets with that too… [They are intended for PARKING, as I described in the top entry.]

  2. Mariana2 says:

    As a convert I particularly love the “spiffy” and “flamboyant”-ness!

  3. Random Friar says:

    It seems fewer and fewer hospitals allot a parking spot or two for clergy on call. ’tis a shame.

  4. disco says:

    I worry that authorities will either ignore these entirely or have no idea what they mean. A while back when you were visiting Boston you linked to an article about how police had kept priests from St Clements from giving unction to the wounded and dying after the bombings.

    On the other hand better to have your car towed than lose a soul.

  5. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    What do these blazons mean? Legally, my guess is, not much. I am not aware that clergy, on call or otherwise, may disregard traffic/parking laws. But as civil officials are under no obligation to ticket every offender, these signs likely give nice enforcement agents an ‘out’ from ticketing, say, a car marked ‘CLERGY’ that is illegally parked. That said, too, when I see one, I say a quick prayer for whomever is in urgent of the priest.

    Pater, do you have any “Canonist on Call” magnets? [How many would you buy?]

  6. Lepidus says:

    A former pastor of ours had a “clergy emergency” sign that he stuck in his car window for a little “parking help”. Heck if young college girls can flash their anatomy and get out of traffic ticket, why not a priest who runs into a cop looking for a few days less in Purgatory?

  7. APX says:


    The amount of garbage and grossness, as well as the emotional and psychological trauma police officers go through in a career…they don’t need to give a priest a warning to get time off of purgatory. Most of them are living it now. If there is one thing that makes me sad it’s knowing non-practicing catholic police officers and the thought of all the wasted grace they’re not meriting.

  8. rcg says:

    I loved my Navy chaplain and think that perhaps subconsciously I was little more prepared for things after having seen him. Someday I expect to need the final efforts of a doctor to keep me going a little longer. If I got to see a priest I’ll be ready to help the doctor in his efforts.

  9. Father K says:

    In my part of the world, a quick and easy way to get your car severely keyed!

  10. VexillaRegis says:

    “Clurgency” ?

  11. Ralph says:

    Father K,

    Sadly, I was thinking the same thing. It might be an invitation to vandals.

    I can remember when EVERY hospital had reserved parking near the front doors for clergymen.

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