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ROME: Sacra Liturgia Conference – Day 1

The long-awaited conference on sacred liturgy in Rome is underway. We began with Vespers, sung in the Church of Sant’Appolinare near the Piazza Navona. A shot from my angle. Tonight we begin with an introduction by Bp. Rey and an … Read More

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Mystery Watch

What’s with this? From the Daily Mail: Mystery as century-old Swiss watch discovered in ancient tomb sealed for 400 years Archaeologists are stumped after finding a 100-year-old Swiss watch in an ancient tomb that was sealed more than 400 years … Read More

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VP Biden, theologian and exegete, strikes again

I was sent a link to something at The Right Scoop: it is a video of Vice President Biden, theologian.  You will need an emesis basin or a bag of some sort if you watch it. There is an annoying … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Convoluted scenario involving “whiney trads”, priest shortages, Magic 8-Ball, and dragon teeth

From a reader: I have a hypothetical question for you related to Summorum Pontificum and the Bishop’s obligation to make certain those who wish to have the TLM can do so by supplying a priest as it relates to priest shortages and whiney … Read More

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New FSSP parish set up in Minneapolis!

I confess that I am a little shocked. His Excellency Most Reverend John Nienstedt, Archbishop of St. Paul and (of my hometown) Minneapolis has entrust a parish that was to close to the FSSP! Brick by brick! Parish by parish. … Read More

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The wussificiation of the priesthood and the Novus Ordo

I have in the past mentioned the comment made by Card. Heenan when he experienced the Novus Ordo for the first time.  The comment leads a longish piece posted at Rorate (which no longer links to this blog, btw) by … Read More

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