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External (TLM) Observance of Corpus Christi on Sunday… yes? no?

Today I had qualms… qualms I say… about the 2nd Sunday after Pentecost for the traditional celebration of the Roman Rite.   Why?  “External celebration”? One of the long-time readers here posted in a comment (tossing some of my words … Read More

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Just Too Cool… and too sweet

A reader alerted me to something at the blog Atlas Obscura. Despite the religious divide of the lives and cemeteries, the gravestones of Colonel J.C.P.H. of Aeffderson and noblewoman J.W.C. Van Gorkum clasp hands across the divide. In the 19th … Read More

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BRICK BY BRICK: New TLM in a small town

Pope Benedict gave us a great gift in the provisions of Summorum Pontificum. Get out there and USE THEM! Now is not the time to fall back or hesitate or wring hands. Organize! Stop whining! Make it happen! From a … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Is Mass valid if the priest is in mortal sin?

From a reader: Sometime ago, I was told by a priest that if the priest is in mortal sin, the mass (primarily Holy Communion) is still valid, his argument being that you wouldn’t know that he was in mortal sin. I was … Read More

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