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QUAERITUR: Recessional Hymn – to sing or not to sing?

From a priest: Last Sunday at the end of Mass the musicians chose a song that just wasn’t striking a chord with me. I couldn’t muster the energy required to pretend to be gleeful and sing along. As I looked … Read More

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Voris video on Vatican II’s built in vagueness

Here is a video from Michael Voris in his usual non-committal, indifferent, ambiguous, vague, tepid, ho-hum style.  o{];¬) I will remind the readership that in the greater arc of the Church’s history, Vatican II wasn’t all that important.  It is … Read More

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Blog “New Liturgical Movement” under new management

Kudos to Jeffrey Tucker who has taken over the reins of the blog New Liturgical Movement! Click on the image and go spike their stats as a welcome gesture.

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GUEST POST: Gregorian Chant Will Save the World

Save The Liturgy – Save The Word has been a by word around this blog for a long time. I saw this on the blog The Back Of The World: Gregorian Chant Will Save the World A few weeks ago, … Read More

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