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NFL player refused White House visit because Pres. Obama said “God bless you Planned Parenthood”

The MSM drooled all over itself when some barely known NBA player said he was a homosexual. Pres. Obama gave him a call. Ain’t that sweet? Will the MSM take up this story too? From the Washington Examiner. NFL champ … Read More

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Bp. Paprocki in a hostile crowd tells it like it is

There is a useful RSS feed widget on the side bar of this blog which reveals what the Cardinal Newman Society is up to these days.  Check it out. Using that feed, I found their article on what happened in Phoenix … Read More

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Problems registering?

I have notes from people that they are having problems registering to post comments here. Drop me a line with the information I request on the registration form. When I have some time, I’ll try to enter some manually.  No … Read More

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