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Different confessional practices/customs around the world

Under another entry concerning “confessional etiquette” a commentator raised the good point that people from different language/ethnic backgrounds have different formulae for beginning and ending their sacramental confessions. Most Americans of a certain age learned to begin “Bless me Father, … Read More

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Sometimes when priests respond to a call for help they run into parking problems.  It can help to have a plate or sign in the car to put in the windshield when parking at the hospital. It occurred to me … Read More

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Want a TLM in your parish? Here is how it was done in one place!

I have written a few times (since the election of Francis – for example HERE) that it is time to push forward in the implementation of Summorum Pontificum.  People who have been wringing their hands or resting on the laurels … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Confessional etiquette

From a reader: When going to confession, if you know the priest is a Monsignor (name plate on confessional) would you begin, “Forgive me, Monsignor, for I have sinned,” or stay with the simple, “Forgive me, Father, for I have … Read More

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Catholic League’s head: Pope Francis should expel Vatican’s ‘Gay Lobby’

This doesn’t need a lot of commentary. From NewsMax: Catholic League’s Bill Donohue: Pope Must Oust Vatican’s ‘Gay Lobby’ The “gay lobby” Pope Francis says is at work in the Vatican must be ousted to prevent further damage to the … Read More

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Human rights? Over-rated.

From the New York Post: NYU booting blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng amid Shanghai expansion: sources By JAMES COVERT NYU isn’t letting a pesky thing like human rights stand in the way of its expansion in China. The university has … Read More

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