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What is “lobby” all about in the Vatican “gay lobby” chatter going on?

There is a lot of chatter on the interwebs about the whole “homosexuals in the Vatican” thing. This has been so obvious to me for so long that it isn’t news. It also makes me angry, and not in a … Read More

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POLLS: Latin and/or Vernacular at Low Mass (TLM)

Under another entry HERE I deal with the question of vernacular readings during the Low Mass of the Extraordinary Form. A long-time reader and supporter of this blog suggested a poll. Here are a couple POLLS coming at the question … Read More

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Hunger Bones

I recently saw a movie called Hunger Games (another in a long troop of dystopian movies/books).  I guess the movie is part of a series, because I saw a preview of another movie… which figures. There is great restlessness in … Read More

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RECENT POSTS and THANKS and MASS for benefactors

First, please remember to check YOUR URGENT PRAYER REQUESTS: Some posts as they scroll off the front page: Of Star Wars and Immanentism and Birdcages and Elite Snobbery. Wherein Fr. Z rants. Schadenfreude and Reform of the Roman Curia QUAERITUR: … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Vernacular only readings in traditional Low Mass?

From a reader: We have a priest that insists on reading the epistle & gospel in the vernacular for each Low Mass only. No one cares for it and it doesn’t even sound right. It impacts the integrity and fluidity … Read More

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