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CRI DE COEUR: “If there were no more priests hardly anyone would be crying about it.”

At Rorate I saw something (translated there from Italian) from the blog Radicati nella fede, for the Catholic community of Domodossola and Vocogno in the Diocese of Novara. This is a cri de coeur, if there ever was one. My … Read More

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I belong to a group of priests who get together for a few days each summer.  Because I have mentioned this on the blog for the last couple years, several priests from different areas of North America have been able … Read More

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IRS bullying of conservatives and pro-lifers

Biretta tip to the pro-life blog of Jill Stanek (who recently linked to me, so I am returning the favor!). As you know, the IRS has been targeting and harassing conservatives. I wouldn’t be surprised if this came from the … Read More

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1st Friday: Feast of the Sacred Heart – Note for NYC! Great spiritual opportunity!

Tomorrow, a First Friday, is the Feast of the Sacred Heart.  That doesn’t happen all that often! The Feast of the Sacred Heart is, I believe, the only Feast that Our Lord Himself requested! I hope your parish will have … Read More

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Ass. of Catholic Priests formed to push passé liberal agenda

The National Schismatic Reporter has an online piece about a new group for ultra-liberal priests called the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests. The group is comprised of self-described “Vatican II priests”. In 2012, 240 people showed up for a meeting and … Read More

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Fr Z’s Kitchen: prepper food edition

I recently put on the side bar of this blog a widget with a link to some freeze-dried ready meals. Add boiling water to the package, seal, wait, eat. I ordered some. Today I got out my little stove and … Read More

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