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Well-prepared Catholics raise questions. Responses? “Shut up!”, they explain.

People are swift these days to talk about their “rights”.  I sometimes get a little nervous when “rights” are invoked in the Church, because often “rights” means “I didn’t get what I wanted”.  Clarity is needed regarding “rights”. At his … Read More

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More dreck at Fishwrap

At Fishwrap (aka the National Schismatic Reporter) there are a couple of dreadful reads.  Shocking, right? First, Jesuit Thomas Reese wrote (at the horrid RNS), about how more conservative Catholics are now “cafeteria Catholics” because they disagree with Pope Francis.  … Read More

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SSPX Bp. Fellay about the #FilialCorrection

SSPX Superior Bp. Bernard Fellay signed the Correctio Filialis.  Libs pounced. “OMG!”, they sneered, “The correction is so baaaad because an SSPX guy signed it!”, which you will immediately recognize as a really powerful argument. Bp. Fellay explains why he signed. … Read More

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Fr. Blake on faithful clerics’ fear of vicious liberal reprisals

Let’s be clear about something.  There is nothing more vicious than a liberal.  For over 30 years I dealt with this first hand and I have the ecclesial scars on my back and in my heart to prove it. My … Read More

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Card. Müller: Let’s have the argument! Fr. Z POLL!

Have you noticed that one side of the ongoing debates in the Church today want to close down dialogue and avoid having the arguments that are screaming to be had?  By avoiding real debate – just as nature abhors a … Read More

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Today’s provocative reading

Provocative reading met my eyes this morning, fresh from Mass, office, coffee and two of those little biscuit things which I like, not to sweet, not too dull. First, there is a great offering at Crisis by one Jason Morgan, once here … Read More

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Access to #FilialCorrection Crimethink webpage blocked in the Vatican

UPDATE: See comments, below, for possible alternative explanations involving filters. As reported by Corriere, the Vatican spokesman said: “nessun blocco, la notizia e falsa”… “ma figuratevi se facciano questo per una lettera di sessanta persone”.  Also the head of the … Read More

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Sunday News? With some “correction”.

Rumors are bouncing and binging like pinballs.  Ooo the excitement!  What will it be?  Sites are rushing to talk about sources and possibilities.   How exciting it all is.  “I’m first!” Sometimes that’s great and benign.  Other times you are … Read More

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