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Wherein at the tail-end of 2021 Fr. Z reflects on the phrase “In cauda venenum”

There’s a pattern in papal and curial and chancery documents.  In general, after the salutations and other blah blah, there follow status quaesitionis points which stand as the justification for the correspondence or decree.  However, the business is nearly always … Read More

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More dreck at Fishwrap

At Fishwrap (aka the National Schismatic Reporter) there are a couple of dreadful reads.  Shocking, right? First, Jesuit Thomas Reese wrote (at the horrid RNS), about how more conservative Catholics are now “cafeteria Catholics” because they disagree with Pope Francis.  … Read More

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The Synod begins – a few notes

I admit to having Synod Fatigue™ already.  I am so sick of it already, that even now I force myself to write this. I hereby commit myself to use my irritation and concern to my advantage.  I will force myself to pay … Read More

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