Sunday News? With some “correction”.

Rumors are bouncing and binging like pinballs.  Ooo the excitement!  What will it be?  Sites are rushing to talk about sources and possibilities.   How exciting it all is.  “I’m first!”

Sometimes that’s great and benign.  Other times you are hurting your cause.

What some of you eager beavers out there in tradblogdom don’t seem to get is that hype sometimes diminishes impact.

Not always – but sometimes.

This is probably one of those times.

New document? Sure have at.  But other – moves, keep your powder dry, as it were.

So, one of these days exercise a little control.  Don’t you get this yet?

If not, this is a little paternal – not filialcorrection.


Not to worry.  Anyway, its out now, by someone who doesn’t respect embargoes… again.

One wonders what impact it will have, if any.

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