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Omnium Gatherum: Of chilling out, new revelations, and Job’s job

Some quick views of bits and pieces. First, Michael Cook is editor of MercatorNet. He offers is a piece that we should all just “chill out” over The Present Crisis. He manages to make a few decent points, but the … Read More

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Confused about Pope Francis? You have company!

William Oddie has an interesting piece at the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald (represented recently by Crisis which is growing in my estimation) about Pope Francis’ modus operandi. If you are confused sometimes about what Pope Francis does or what he says… … Read More

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No Mercy for Magister

Yesterday I received a copy in Italian of the encyclical that has not yet been officially released, Laudato si’. It turns out that that copy was put on the interwebs by Sandro Magister, vaticanista. HERE The Holy See’s spokesman Fr. … Read More

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“Seeking the truth meant more than the taunts of the world, so apparently clever.”

Benedict XVI’s sermon for Epiphany was “classic Ratzinger”. I put the text with comments HERE. Last Tuesday’s @Pontifex tweet project was: @Pontifex Holy Father, thank you for your Epiphany sermon! During the Mass, Benedict consecrated four new bishops.  In his sermon, the … Read More

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Vatican Radio: Cheri Blair as “devout Catholic”. Interesting.

Marconi also nods. From Catholic Culture on something from Vatican Radio, still under the director of the papal spokeman Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ. Vatican Radio pays tribute to ‘devout Catholic’ Cherie Blair October 18, 2011 In an interview devoted largely … Read More

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VIS: Holy See Press Office statement about Universae Ecclesiae

From VIS with my emphases and comments. NOTICE ON NEW INSTRUCTION UNIVERSAE ECCLESIA [Spelled incorrectly.  Ecclesiae.] VATICAN CITY, 13 MAY 2011 (VIS) – Following is the notice, in full, summarizing the new Instruction Universae Ecclesia [again] regarding the application of … Read More

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Notes about Vatican Press conference for Pope’s new book interview

Andrea Tornielli posted this about the recent Vatican mess up with the press.  Here are a couple excerpts in my quick translation. With his characteristic irony and finesse, Fr. Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, often called … Read More

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The poisons that lurk in the mud

In Robert Graves I, Claudius, the old emperor decides to let Nero be his heir knowing well that Nero will be so bad that people will cry for reform and the Republic to return.  In his cups, the old Claudius … Read More

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