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Fr Rosica, amazing papal claims, and resignations

Let’s be clear. There is an element among Francis’ most dedicated promoters, channel their inner Rex Mottram and declare nearly every syllable that he utters to be oracular and under the inspiration of the Spirit.   Some of them form an … Read More

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CNA Exposé: Archbp. Francis Chullikatt, Holy See’s former Observer at the UN

A long and disappointing read is available at CNA about Archbishop Francis Chullikatt the Holy See’s unfortunate former permanent observer to the UN , apparently a “nasty little man”.   It’s hard to imagine – or maybe it isn’t – … Read More

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Solipsistic, self-aggrandizing @FatherRosica dares to vet Catholic news sources

After the 2018 Synod (“walking together”) proposed that some authority should vet Catholic websites for their acceptability, THIS pops up. Care to explain this, Fr Rosica? And, no, we won’t let you get away with claiming it’s not news because it … Read More

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Omnium Gatherum: Of chilling out, new revelations, and Job’s job

Some quick views of bits and pieces. First, Michael Cook is editor of MercatorNet. He offers is a piece that we should all just “chill out” over The Present Crisis. He manages to make a few decent points, but the … Read More

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Insightful observation about Pope Francis – UPDATES!

UPDATE 14 Aug 1355 UTC: The cat is out of the bag, but the chase is on. The quote, below, has been removed at ZENIT and replaced with ellipsis. But, for the moment at least, it is still at Rosica’s … Read More

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BLOCKED by the New catholic Red Guards. How about you?

In the last couple of days I’ve discovered that I’ve been blocked on Twitter by Fr. Thomas Rosica (@FatherRosica) and by Massimo “Beans” Faggioli (@massimofaggioli). I am not sure why I clicked on a tweet reference to Rosica, since I … Read More

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Parry and riposte over Jesuit James Martin’s defense of homosexuality

You have probably seen commentaries on the recent book of homosexualist activist Jesuit Fr. James Martin concerned with “building bridges” between the Church and homosexuals. It might help to put some of the major players into a single post. Martin’s … Read More

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More deception in the war on Card. Sarah

Speaking at a liturgy conference in London, Card. Sarah, clearly not acting in his role as Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, made a personal appeal to priests to say Mass ad orientem and the world is coming down on his head. … Read More

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Card. Napier corrects part-time papal spokesperson – UPDATE

1726 GMT: I just saw Card. Napier live on EWTN who had come directly from the Synod Hall. He made a bit of a correction to his own correction/addition of Fr Rosica.  Be sure to pay attention to this. ____ … Read More

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Synod notes – See Ed Pentin for 6 October roundup

You must read this from Edward Pentin (HERE).  He gives a somewhat more useful roundup of things discussed in the Synod than the presser provided. Also, Pentin shows how some can… skew the report of what was discussed. Sample with … Read More

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CWR: Summary of exchanges of Vox Cantoris and Fr. Rosica

Over at CWR there is an interesting summary of the interchange between the blogger of Vox Cantoris and Basilian Fr. Thomas Rosica, head of Canadian based Salt and Light and who does some side work for the Holy See Press … Read More

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BREITBART: Canadian Fr. Rosica threatens to sue Canadian blogger (Vox Cantoris)

There is a piece at Brietbart by Austin Ruse (who runs C-FAM) about how Canadian Fr. Thomas Rosica, who does a lot of work with the Holy See Press Office, has threatened to sue a Canadian blogger.  My emphases: VATICAN … Read More

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Salt and Light attacks Card. Burke: sticking to the ideal instead of ministering to people

Life Site has a piece about Salt and Light network’s verbal attack on Card. Burke. HERE As you may know, Fr. Thomas Rosica, who did some work for the Holy See Press Office during the Synod of Bishops, heads up … Read More

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