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Omnium Gatherum: Of chilling out, new revelations, and Job’s job

Some quick views of bits and pieces. First, Michael Cook is editor of MercatorNet. He offers is a piece that we should all just “chill out” over The Present Crisis. He manages to make a few decent points, but the … Read More

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10 May: St. Job

Many of the figures in the Old Testament are commemorated by Holy Church as saints. Here is the entry in the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum: 1. Commemoratio sancti Iob, admirandae patientiae viri in terra Hus. We could talk about Job all … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can I have a job at a Lutheran church?

From a reader: I recently got laid off from my job, and have been doing whatever side work I can find until I find a stable job. One of these jobs has been to help in a Lutheran Service, by simply changing … Read More

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For those of you looking for another situation

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