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ASK FATHER: Are “Novus Ordo” ordinations truly valid?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Father, I’ve done some reading on whether Novus Order orders are truly valid or not and am confused. Would love to get your learned comments on the matter. Thanks for your work. You ask if ordinations … Read More

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Michael Davies, RIP. VIDEO on Firing Line from 1980. Fascinating and familiar.

Yesterday, sorry I’m late, was the anniversary of the death of Michael Davies. I knew him, not well, but well enough. He would come to Rome and I had some meetings and meals with him. I found him to be … Read More

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10th anniversary of death of Michael Davies (R.I.P)

Michael Davies was a real gentleman, a dedicated Catholic and lover of the Church, and a zealous advocate of reverent liturgical worship. He went to God on 25 September 2004. A reader reminded me: Of your charity, please pray for … Read More

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Conference after Mass

After the Pontifical Mass in St Peter’s, a few dozen people are attending a presentation on Michael Davies and the post-Conciliar reform. It is a little clunky since they are breaking the talk into sections so as to do parallel … Read More

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QUAERITUR: The “Novus Ordo” Ordinal for ordaining bishops, priests, deacons

From a reader: Leo XIII condemned Anglican orders and succession as invalid since 1552. Even after re-admitting the prayers regarding the “work and office of a priest” in the ordination 100 years later, the line had become extinct so it … Read More

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A great anecdote

My friend the great p.p. of Blackfen, about to celebrate the parish’s patronal feast, His Hermeneuticalness the mighty Fr. Finigan, has a great anecdote about the late and lamented Michael Davies.  Be sure to read Fr. Finigan’s whole entry, which … Read More

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Fr. Briggs! Ad multos annos!

A friend of mine in England, Fr. Charles Briggs, P.P. of mighty Chislehurst in Kent, just celebrated his 25th Jubilee.  I met Fr. Briggs through His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Finigan. On the site of another friend, Fr. John Boyle, I saw … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Are priests, bishops ordained after 1969 validly ordained?

From a reader: I realize this must be a sensitive topic for anyone especially a priest ordained after 1969 but please know we are just seeking an objective answer. We have done our "homework" on this but who can we … Read More

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