Michael Davies, RIP. VIDEO on Firing Line from 1980. Fascinating and familiar.

Yesterday, sorry I’m late, was the anniversary of the death of Michael Davies.

I knew him, not well, but well enough. He would come to Rome and I had some meetings and meals with him. I found him to be a true gentleman, zealous and cheerful, with whom you could have a real argument that remained cordial, though tough. I actually got him to change his mind on something and corrected himself!

His mortal remains are in Chistlehurst, south of London, at the same parish of a priest friend which was the first burial place of the French Emperor, before he was removed to Farnborough. I hope people are leaving flowers.

Meanwhile, here is a great video from 1980 on Firing Line. Listen and compare to today.

Young English school teacher of welsh extraction v. patronizing partially informed priest with talking points.

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  1. fmsb78 says:

    Msgr. Joseph M. Champlin was ordained in 1956 and his mindset is no different than liberal priests of today. We’re talking about a man who received an entire traditional formation in the seminary, who grew up with the TLM exclusively, who celebrated the TLM himself for at least 14 years and yet thinks there is nothing wrong with the changes derived from the Council.

    This is, or should be, the thousandth eye opener about the seductive power of modernism.

  2. BrionyB says:

    I knew of the anniversary and said a prayer the other day, but didn’t think of flowers. Will bring some if I can, and hope others do/have done so.

  3. JamesA says:

    Champlin, Martin, Buckley, Davies :
    Requiescant in pace.

    Thanks for this, Father. Fascinating. Good to see Martin getting in some digs.
    Fun to watch now that we know the Mass of Pius V was indeed NOT abrogated.

    Interesting to look back at my own intellectual evolution; there was a time when I thought Davies was a prehistoric fanatic. That was, of course, BZ (before Zuhlzdorf).

  4. acardnal says:

    Thank you for remembering Michael Davies.

  5. CanukFrank says:

    Thank you so much, Fr. Z. I have never heard of Michael Davies so am looking forward to exploring his work!

  6. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Fr. Champlin lost me when he said that there is (in the Mass of the Council) both vertical worship and horizontal worship.

  7. Sandy says:

    Davies, Buckley, what giants! I’ll never forget first being exposed to what Davies wrote; what eye-opening material! There was even a little booklet called I believe, “Liturgical Shipwreck”. He got it just right.

  8. haydn seeker says:

    Hey, I live right next to Chislehurst. In fact I shall be passing through tomorrow. I shall say a prayer for his soul as I do.

  9. paterscotus says:

    This is wonderful. Davies’s writings opened my eyes to the truth about Archbishop Lefevbre and the Novus Ordo Mass. I am a priest being threatened with severe canonical penalties for following the path of Tradition and resisting the Modernist church. So be it. Salus animarum seprema lex.

  10. The Astronomer says:

    A GREAT video featuring giants of Roman Catholicism, the late, great Michael Davies and my late friend, the Rev. Dr. Malachi Martin.

    I wish they were around in these turbulent days…

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