A good review of the Patristic Rosary Project

Patristiblogger hyperekperisou has kind words about my little … well… not so little Rosary project last October.  I am delighted that he thinks it might be of interest to Protestants.

Patristic Projects

Father Z, on his blog, What Does Prayer Really Say?, started and completed the Patristics Rosary Project. This project follows the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary and seeks out patristic passages which relate to the mysteries to which this rosary refers. Father Z deals with each subject by citing patristic parallels as explanations of the scriptural passages central to each mystery and, then, includes his own commentary. This is a tremendously learned series, but well worth reading, even for a Protestant such as myself.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Whoa, wait a minute. Protestants pray the Rosary? The same as Catholics?

    I can’t see them embracing the Ave Maria.

    I know I’ve been under a rock for most of my life but this is a new one.

  2. Geoffrey says:

    I think Anglicans or Episcopalians pray the rosary in some form… I am not positive, though. All but two of the mysteries of the rosary do come directly from Sacred Scripture, while the other two are indirectly referred to.

  3. I know several Protestants who pray the Rosary, and also many ex-Lutherans (including yours truly) who began praying the Rosary while they were still very much Protestant. Thing is, though, that few non-Catholics pray the Rosary regularly and remain non-Catholic. Our Lady tends to pick people up by the scruff of their neck and carry them to wherever they need to go. ;)

    There are actually several books out there, by Protestants for Protestants, which explain the Rosary and why we should pray it.

  4. Catholic Lady says:

    A couple of people I know asked if you might consider publishing this – not a bad idea.

  5. Marysann says:

    Yes, Father, please publish this. It contains wonderful helps for meditation in the writings of the Fathers and the beautiful art work, but I just can’t pray my rosary sitting at the computer!

  6. Joan Ellen says:

    Fr. Zuhlsdorf
    1.Doesn’t Our Blessed Mother ask us to connect to her when we pray the Rosary?
    2.Doesn’t she show us how connected, especially to the Jews, we all are through her, so apparent in your Patristic Rosary, in the Joyful mystery?
    3. Doesn’t her Rosary show us how events in our Lord’s life are connected, one to another, and, when we pray it, to us?
    4.Doesn’t the Blessed Mother connect us to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, to prayer, and to virtue?
    5.Isn’t she the Mother of all Virtue?
    6.Isn’t it her desire that we are all spiritually connected to God in the same way, through the Church of His Son…especially through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Sacraments, especially Confession?
    7. Doesn’t she, at Fatima, show us people disconnected,from God, and His Saints, because of evil and sin, in hell?
    8. Doesn’t connecting ourselves to her, especially through her Rosary, help disorders, in ourselves and in the world, spiritually and temporally?
    9. Isn’t it time to ask this Mother of Connectedness to help us again, soon and quickly?
    10. Doesn’t she desire all to ask her intercession, especially, when we are most in need of connectedness to Jesus and His Church?
    Thank you, again Father for this Rosary.

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