Zuhlsdorf’s Law

Zuhlsdorf’s Law.

Murphy was an optimist. Therefore…

  • Corollary 1: When you need your technology to work, that is when it will fail.
  • Corollary 2: The extent of the failure is proportioned to the urgency of the need.
  • Corollary 3: When you want to show someone the great gizmo or program you have, that is when it won’t work.
  • Corollary 4: When the person to whom you wanted to show off your great gizmo or program departs, unimpressed, that is when it will once again begin to function properly.

Remember how to identify an optimist and a pessimist.

The pessimist says, “Things can’t get any worse!”

The optimist responds, “Oh, yes they can!”

Someone should update the Wikipedia list of eponymous laws.

Of course that would just bust the website.