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      • Please do NOT send me just a link. Tell me what it's about.  If it's just a link, I'll delete the email.

      • Please do NOT send me to articles behind a PAYWALL.  Send the whole thing.

      • If you send me something unsolicited, it is mine.  I can do anything I want to with it.  You may ask, politely, that I not post it.  If you tell me I can't post it, I'll simply laugh.  I respect kind requests. I am happy to "anonymize" e-mails as much as possible, especially from clergy and seminarians!

      • If you ask me to pray for something or someone, I stop and do it, even if I don't post your petition on the blog.

      • Please do NOT assume that I can take Mass intentions! If you send one that is unsolicited and/or not agreed to, I am not obliged to say the Mass.

      • Please, keep your notes short.  (If you want me to read them.)

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