NOTE TO READERS: Registration, comments, Snail Mail and Email

Medieval siegeEven as you read this, the blog is under siege by vile spammers trying to register to post their putrid slime.

I have logs that show me what’s going on.

The drawbridge is raised. The gators are in the moat.  Oil is on the boil.


To comment here, you have to be registered and your registration must be approved.

Registrations go into a queue, which I check when I can.  I’m not always near my computer.  Be patient.  Check once in a while to see if it went through.  The approval isn’t automated and I don’t manually send you confirmations.  Sorry.  I just don’t have time.

You don’t have to register simply to lurk (i.e., read without posting comments).

If you register to comment, pay attention to that field where I ask information about you.  You don’t have to provide a biography, address or blood type.  Just write something that will show me that you aren’t a bot or a nefarious ne’er-do-well.  Your confirmation name is a good one, favorite encyclical, a brief explanation of circumincession… that sort of thing… easy stuff.

Please note… some people think that this is a open public forum and that they can come into may place and spew any ol’ damn thing they want under the cover of anonymity.  Wrong.  I’m the Benevolent Dictator of my blog.  I turn on the queue when I want, where I want, for whom I want.  Furthermore, I allow zero discussion of my decisions about comments or why this or that comment appears or doesn’t appear.  Zero.  Mention: “My last comment didn’t appear… “… then neither will this one.  Mention: “Why did my comment disappear?”  That won’t appear.  Mention: “You’ll probably delete this, but…”.  I stop reading and it’s gone.  Period.  Zero.  No appeal.  Dura lex sed lex.

These policies reflect my desire that my blog’s combox not descend into chaos.

Also, for those you who sent Christmas cards or other things over the last couple years, that snail mail address isn’t in use anymore.  It was a temporary mailbox.  I’ve had a couple notes from people asking if I got mail.  Probably, if it wasn’t too recent. Bottom line, don’t send snail mail to that old address.


I get a lot of email.   Keep a couple things in mind.

First, if you have a question, use the ASK FATHER form on the top menu.  I pretty much delete others.  Otherwise, use the Contact form on the top menu.  Don’t send just links without explanations.  Keep ’em brief.  The longer they are, the more likely I’ll move on to something else.  I will hand threatening email over to law enforcement.

Finally, I direct you once again to my Litany For The Conversion Of Internet Thugs (a wry work in progress for private use only, when truly irritated, and when the alternative is foul language.)

Really finally, this blog needs updates, technical work.  I hope that will be possible.  Say a prayer or two that I can find someone reliable.