Ventura, CA: Misión San Buenaventura, Dominican Rite

Apparently at the Misión San Buenaventura in Ventura, CA, the visitor can enjoy Holy Mass celebrated in the Dominican Rite.

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  1. Will says:

    NB, that blog has embedded music which begins playing when the page is loaded. Which is anathema.

  2. Most default players have a stop button that can usually be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

  3. joshua says:

    That is only one Sunday a month, it is a priest from Thomas Aquinas College. He celebrates the 1962 Missale Romanum here normally, but on Dominican saints days he celebrates the Dominican rite (he is a Dominican).

  4. joshua says:

    I should at that by “here” I meant Thomas Aquinas College. I should also note that at least at the Mission it is served as if a 1962 Mass, not a Dominican rite (it is rather difficult for servers to switch over for the High Mass, which is quite a bit different for the servers in some ways). We have had High Masses in the Dominican rite following full Dominican tradition (within the rubrics of the edition of the Missal used at least), but it takes a lot of preparation

  5. Carolina Geo says:

    Is that Fr. Paul Rafftery? If so, I remember him fondly from when he was at Holy Rosary priory in Portland, OR.

  6. EDG says:

    It’s worth taking a minute or two to go to the very nice blog and see some great photos. Our Cathedral was also built by the Spanish in the late 18th century, but unfortunately the interior was destroyed in a fire in the late 19th century, so none of the original furnishings or images remain and we have only a few photos (the earliest taken around the time of the Civil War). It was great to see San Buenaventura, beautifully maintained and restored. And of course having a Mass like that really puts it over the top!

  7. Yes, that is my classmate and close friend, Fr. Paul K. Raftery, O.P.
    I would know that back anywhere!

    Unfortunately, after the Motu, at TAC they insisted that Father celebrate the
    Roman Rite, instead of the Dominican, which had been his previous
    practice there. Apparently two different rites was “too complicated.” Perhaps in
    time this will change.

    Before Vatican II our right not to
    be forced to celebrate the Roman Mass was carefully protected
    not just by the Order but by the Sacred Congregation of Rites.

  8. Fr. Thompson: I agree that, ideally, the Dominican Rite would be more widespead, and Dominicans who love the old liturgy would be free to use their rite rather than the Roman Rite.

    However, in the short term, I wonder if perhaps the TAC decision is prudent. After all, the old Rites (like all good liturgy) often don’t take strong hold of a person until he or she has experienced them several times and has grown to know them. Having an assortment of different rites might make that process harder for newcomers.

    Just a thought….

  9. Tim Ferguson says:

    I would argue that it’s no more difficult for the faithful to get used to different rites now than it was 50 years ago when the Dominican Rite was more widely utilized.

  10. Joshua says:

    We have had the Dominican Rite a few times since the Motu proprio for the Dominican saints. We have to get permission from the dean first which is annoying. We have done a few Dominican High Masses, as much Dominican style as we could.

    Keep in mind that having the old rite at all at Thomas Aquinas College has not been easy and there are old tensions from the early years in the campus when we celebrated both the EF and OF side by side. There are some students (only a few) who complained when the morning Mass was changed. Some complain because it isn’t a dialogue Mass for weekdays, others because we told the faith they could make the responses with the servers and they are against dialogue Masses. Others complain because of the High Mass on Sunday getting too close to the next Mass, etc.

    As a whole it has worked out, but the school, being a very small community, is superkeen on not making waves.

  11. Dear Joshua,

    I am glad to hear that come consideration is being made for
    the long-standing right of the Dominicans to say our own Rite,
    something protected carefully up to the 1960s.

    This especially at St. Thomas Aquinas, where up to the Motu,
    both Fr. Bartholomew de la Torre and Fr. Paul said the Dominican
    Rite without any problem. It would have been a shame had the
    motu had the effect of erasing this on-going tradition.

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