A blogger declares: “I’m Burning The NCReporter!”

From Acts Of The Apostacy with my emphases and comments:


Blogger: I’m Burning The NCReporter!

(AoftheAP) A little-known central Kansas Catholic blogger has announced that he will burn a copy of the National Catholic Reporter on his front lawn on Monday September 13, the Memorial of St John Chrysostom.

Renfrew Dachs, who blogs at ‘Orthodachs Review’, announced on Labor Day his intention to set fire to the most recent issue of the left-leaning[ paper. As he wrote on his blog:

"It is time to expose this publication for what it is. It is a heterodox publication that is trying to masquerade as a Catholic publication, seeking to deceive many within the Church."

Dachs’ blog and Facebook page, which combined boasts all of 50 followers, [OORAH!] has been inundated with hits and friend requests since his statement. He says that the split between supporters and detractors is fairly even.

"I’ve had people tell me they’re coming to attend the burning. A bunch have mailed me copies of the National Catholic Reporter, along with some back issues of Commonweal and America, so I expect a pretty large fire Monday. I’ve also received a number of nasty emails, too. They’re not death threats – pretty much just folks telling me to stop being judgmental, or that I’ll harm the environment by increasing my carbon footprint, with all that smoke and stuff."

Dachs said he chose the memorial of St John Chrysostom for this event because the revered Doctor of the Church, whose name means ‘Golden Mouth’, defended Church teachings throughout his life. "The stuff the NCR publishes, on the total opposite spectrum of what he taught, of what the Church teaches," Dachs said. "Reiki, women priests, gay marriage? I think St John would get in their grill over those positions, so I thought it kinda appropriate."


Enjoy the rest there.

I have never had a copy of the NCR or else….

Now that I think of it, we could add some of Manilo Sodi’s works.

I suspect Vincenzo will be on this one soon.

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  1. Lisa Graas says:

    LOL! Wow. Okay, well, that’s one way to show your outrage. I think he should stick to blogging, but whatever.

  2. Lisa Graas says:

    On second thought……….hmmmmmm.


  3. Jack Hughes says:

    sound like a serious occasion of sin…… being in the presence of the Tablet I mean

  4. JosephMary says:

    If I had a copy of the fishwrap to burn, I would surely do it!!!

    Have not seen it since the days when my former parish had a subscription to it.

  5. St. Louis IX says:

    It would be wise to have some Holy Water on hand, as that Infernal Fire may be hard to put out.

  6. Bornacatholic says:

    Oncet, I burned a copy of a book by Richard Rohr and I sent him a series of photos of me spraying it with lighter fluid; then touching a match to it; the book engulfed in flames, etc etc; all the way to the last photo of the book as a pile of ashes.

    I wrote, “Just finished your book.”

    I can’t remember the name of the book but it had been chosen by my Pastor (big Rohr fan) as one of several books then under discussion during a Lenten Retreat Series he led.

    The Blogger brings back, um, warm memories :)

  7. basilorat says:

    HANS KUNG Has called for calm in the matter!!!

    He has put a call in to NOT go through which such a reprehensible act. This may cause several injuries, persecutions, and even deaths among a certain aging population in parishes administered by “Catholic” priests. Granted…it wouldn’t take much to pop off this aging population, a trip that would send the walker or cane flying, tennis balls and all…a heart attack or stroke.

  8. GirlCanChant says:

    The NCR should be burned in The Vortex!

  9. TJerome says:

    You may be contributing to egads!!! “Global Warming” by burning the Fishwrap!

  10. Will D. says:

    Since Fr. Z. forgot to link:
    The Acts of the Apostacy post.

  11. AngelineOH says:

    Bornacatholic, you owe me a dry keyboard, lol. “Just finished your book” indeed.

  12. LarryD says:

    Fr Z – thanks for the link! Glad you like it.

  13. Tantum Ergo says:

    I’m, like, totally against burning the NCR, man. I mean, like, I’d have to pick it out of the garbage, and you know it really, really stinks with all that rotten fish smell already. Oh well, since Fr, Z thinks it’s a good idea, here goes… Let’s see… here’s a match!… WOOOSH! Ewwwwwwwwww! Oh, man… BUMMER!… Bummer BIG TIME!
    Fr. Z, do I. like, at least get an indulgence for this? Ewwwwwwwwww!

  14. adeodatus49 says:

    The NCReporter is not worthy of being immolated. However, the NCReporter is sufficiently worthy to be used to line the bottom of bird cages. Same with the rest of those heterodox rags mentioned so far.

  15. spock says:

    Taken as a purely Gedanken experiment, I believe the NCR paper will not burn.

    One can only burn something that has potential energy.

    NCR has no potential, therefore it will not burn.

  16. TonyLayne says:

    According to Fr. Gabriele Amorth, it’s important that everyone present at the burning pray so that the evil infestation won’t recoil back on you, and that you tip the ashes into a creek or river.

  17. timjp77 says:

    anybody have a link to the blog in question?

  18. Nathan says:

    Timjp77, here you go:


    LarryD, the blogger at Acts of the Apostasy is quite funny quite a bit of the time.

    In Christ,

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