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Pope Benedict completed Vol. 3 of “Jesus of Nazareth”

I read at CWN: Pope Benedict XVI has completed the 3rd and final volume of his work, Jesus of Nazareth, the Vatican has disclosed. The Pope’s latest book, which focuses on the Gospel accounts of Christ’s infancy, was apparently completed … Read More

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Ven. Pius XII

From CNA: Cardinal remembers Pope Pius XII as wartime hero, saint By David Kerr Rome, Italy, Aug 2, 2012 / 04:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- He’s now 96-years-old, but during World War II, Cardinal Fiorenzo Angelini was a young priest in … Read More

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Sorting and Throwing continues

I am still sorting and culling and throwing and organizing. Along the way I am finding interesting things! Well.. admittedly some of them have been in plain sight. This, however, was not. The first biretta I ever used. Pretty worn. … Read More

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VIDEO: Craven, narcissistic, bullying slubberdegullion liberal (redundant, I know) harasses Chick-fil-A employee.

CMR deserves thanks for letting us know about this video. Give him some traffic. This is a great example of what liberals are really like. Talk about hate! Brrrr…. I just had a flashback to my old seminary faculty. Brrrrrrr! … Read More

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At loggerheads over “pluck-buffet”

Yesterday – I forgot to post this – the Oxford English Dictionary‘s Word of the Day was appropriate both for the Olympics but also -if you stumble into the pronunciation trap English sets for us all – for Chick-fil-A Appreciation … Read More

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Former Vatican ambassadors launch Catholics for Romney group

I thought this was interesting. From CNA: Former Vatican ambassadors launch Catholics for Romney group By Michelle Bauman Washington D.C., Aug 2, 2012 / 12:05 am (CNA).- A bipartisan group of six former U.S. ambassadors to the Holy See has … Read More

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Fr. Z asks a favor for a priest

Will some of you good readers out there get in touch with Fr. Byers of Holy Souls Hermitage to help him with something? Specifically, aside from buying groceries which is no small deal, he has  a technical problem. Father is … Read More

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True economic stimulus

Someone sent me this quote.  I am not sure of the provenance: Thanks to [Gov. Mike] Huckabee’s call [on his show on FNC] and the response Chick-Fil-A may have managed to gross more money Wednesday than Newsweek lost all of … Read More

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2 August until midnight: “Portiuncula” Plenary (or Partial) Indulgence

From midnight tonight to midnight 2 August, you can gain the “Portinuncula” Indulgence. Catholic Encyclopedia St. Francis, as you know, repaired three chapels. The third was popularly called the Portiuncula or the Little Portion, dedicated to St. Mary of the … Read More

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