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The Novus Ordo giving us another “unique expression” in Ireland

Another jackass priest, in Ireland, Fr. Roy Donovan, of Limerick, committed an act of sacrilege, during the consecration in a Mass.  He is part of the Ass. of Catholic Priests in Ireland. Hence, he’s a crackpot. What did he do this … Read More

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Another Novus Ordo “unique expression”, again in Italy

I was alerted by a friend about a Tweet about the “unique expression” of the Roman Rite, the Novus Ordo. Meet don (Father) Fabio Corazzina, a parish priest (parroco) in Brescia… where the promulgator of the Novus Ordo came from… … Read More

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Fishwrap posts about a profound spiritual experience, probably demonic, but profound

Decades ago the National Catholic Reporter (these days more the National Schismatic Reporter aka Fishwrap) was commanded by the bishop where they are established to stop using the word “Catholic” in their title.  The bishop was met with defiance.  Fishwrap has been one of … Read More

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OUTRAGE! Monopoly get WOKED!

This is just one bridge too far.  From NEWSMAX: Classic Board Game Monopoly Alters Community Chest Cards for ‘Woke’ Times Toy maker Hasbro is changing the time-honored classic board game Monopoly by altering the Community Chest cards, saying they ”are … Read More

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Just Too Cool: The Navy’s Forest

Did you know that the US Navy has its own forest in Indiana? Here is a spiffing piece (originally at I found at Task & Purpose. Why the Navy manages its own private white oak forest Maintaining a forest for … Read More

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Schooling The Horan of Babylon about the Rosary. YES, it IS a weapon!

Look at this: I’ll tell you what is disgusting… this twerp’s distortion of reality. Friends, we are the Church MILITANT while we are in this earthly realm, this vale of tears.  We are like pilgrim soldiers on the march in … Read More

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Three Francis appointed Cardinals offer their hats and rings to women. Fr. Z responds.

Yesterday I received a copy of George Weigel’s new book The Next Pope: The Office of Peter and a Church in Mission US HERE – UK HERE The College of Cardinals, as the official titular clergy of Rome, has the … Read More

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Fearmongering @JamesMartinSJ goes to the zoo on national TV about churches reopening and about @RealDonaldTrump

Last night when I heard on Martha MacCallum’s show on FNC that Jesuit homosexualist activist Fr. James Martin was up to talk about the lockdown and reopening of churches after Pres. Trump’s comments about opening places of worship, I had … Read More

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The grave blasphemy of Beans. Wherein Fr. Z rants and makes a constructive suggestion.

At LifeSite I read some quite simply shocking, and yet not really that surprising, given the source. After the bishops of the Italian region of Umbria urged priests to continue to say Mass privately during this COVID challenge, the liberal … Read More

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DESPICABLE: priests, lib website attack Spiritual Communion, private Masses, adoration, processions, video during #Coronavirus #SocialDistancing

This ridiculous garbage is just what you would expect from Germany and from the ultra-liberal, modernist, Pray Tell. This, in the time of Coronavirus Private Mass Does Not Fit with a Contemporary Understanding of Eucharist By Albert Gerhards, Benedikt Kranemann, Stephan … Read More

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More nutty from a bishop. Yes, a German bishop.

At Novena News which leads to we read: Bishop of Limburg Georg Bätzing made the observation about the Church’s oppression of women and boycott from ordained office in a New Year’s Eve message. The prelate admitted that he must “take seriously … Read More

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Amazonian and Pachamama skúbala in annual Vatican CHRISTMAS CONCERT -VIDEO

More Vatican lunacy. There was a concert in the Paul VI Audience Hall for Christmas.  On YouTube. It was broadcast on Mondovisione.  In fact, it was a fundraiser for something earth saving.  The broadcast was punctuated with pictures of deforestation, … Read More

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Jesuit Thomas Reese against Transubstantiation. Wherein Fr. Z responds.

Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ, is well known to readers of this blog as a charlatan theologian. He was once the editor of Jesuit-run Amerika, but in 2005 the CDF ousted him due to his stances on the use of condoms, … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Priest tells woman not to wear veil at Mass

From a reader… A woman was told by her priest to NOT wear her veil to Mass. It was blessed and so she didn’t know if she was required by obedience to not wear it, or since because it was … Read More

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Former Irish President says infant baptism is a form of coersion

Ireland.  The gift that keeps on giving. I read at the NCRegister that former Irish President Mary McAleese thinks that infant baptism is a violation of human rights. Baptizing babies, she said, makes “infant conscripts who are held to lifelong … Read More

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Italian Left in a melt-down

Here’s something interesting from Italy. The Italian Left is having a spittle-flecked nutty about the new coalition government that was formed… admittedly strange.  It’s Italy after all.    Beans is beside himself. I also saw at the blog of Marco … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Egg nog – A holiday treat for all, or only for deaconettes?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: What are your thoughts on egg nog? A delicious holiday treat, or a custom befitting female deacons? Is non-alcoholic egg nog truly egg nog (or the other way around)? These are the important questions, Father. I … Read More

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The Church of England… whither? Fr. Z again offers his solution.

The late Fr Richard John Neuhaus once quipped that the purpose of the Anglican Communion was to make irony redundant. From the Daily Mail: Church of England chief backs ‘re-christenings’ after sex changes: Officials risk furious backlash by introducing ‘services … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Can a pastor forbid an assistant from using black vestments?

From a priest… QUAERITUR: Can a Pastor of a parish forbid a Parochial Vicar from wearing a black chasuble at funerals? I just heard of 2 pastors in [a large NE Archdiocese] who have forbidden their traditional-minded parochial vicars from wearing … Read More

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Among the dumb and evil things on the internet…

I’ve seen some pretty dumb things on the internet.  I’ve seen some pretty evil things on the internet.  I’ve seen things that are both pretty dumb and pretty evil on the internet. This has to be right up there with … Read More

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