Fr. Z asks a favor for a priest

Will some of you good readers out there get in touch with Fr. Byers of Holy Souls Hermitage to help him with something?

Specifically, aside from buying groceries which is no small deal, he has  a technical problem.

Father is in the boonies and needs internet access.  He has to use a wifi rebroadcaster. His rebroadcaster was struck by lightning.  There is a deal right now whereby he can get some installed for less money.  He needs help.

It is a little difficult to figure out how to write to Father or how to send money to him.  That’s because his religious superiors have told him he can’t ask for donations.


You will find his email address on his blog also.

Father’s mission is prayer for priests and bishops.  He occasionally prays for and says Mass for me, as a matter of fact, and I really need that sort of support.  So, my asking is, in part, self-interested.  Readers here have in the past been good to priests when I have made appeals for certain things (such as the great group of men in Platteville, WI).  Perhaps some of you will also take Fr. Byers under your protective wing.

I always get a boost when a donation comes in or someone sends me something from my wish list.  Even small gestures help me to keep going and also to make ends meet.

Click HERE for his explanation of what Father needs.

Click HERE for his very cool though grizzly post about naming two large spiders “Obama” and “Pavone” – in reference to Priests For Life refusal to obey the Obama Administration’s anti-Catholic HHS Mandate – and then putting them together for a little cage match, complete with an arachnidian victory dance!

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