True economic stimulus

Someone sent me this quote.  I am not sure of the provenance:

Thanks to [Gov. Mike] Huckabee’s call [on his show on FNC] and the response Chick-Fil-A may have managed to gross more money Wednesday than Newsweek lost all of last year and the profits they made today were fueled by individual customers who each spent more money on their meal than the selling price of the entire Newsweek franchise.

As someone else has observed, that may be the best economic stimulus of the Obama Adminstration to date.


Check out the photos and notes at Sancte Pater!

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  1. JackintheVox says:

    I wonder if Mr. Cathy has ever calculated all the revenue he has forfeited by staying closed on Sundays in honor of his Creator, Almighty God.

    And I wonder, as the appreciation for Chick-fil-A is sure to continue, how soon it might become clear that all that lost revenue has been returned to Mr. Cathy by thirty, sixty, a hundredfold.

  2. avecrux says:

    Nice comment, JackintheVox. Thank you.

  3. jessicahoff says:

    Good to see that the silent majority has a good appetite. I bet companies will be queueing up to get Obama to condemn them.

  4. Sissy says:

    I suspect Mr.Cathy is not at all surprised. Humble and grateful, but not surprised.

  5. Supertradmum says:

    This is real freedom of the enterprising spirit and the average, normal American to choose how he or she wants to spend earned money. Washington, Chicago and Boston are not the only places in the world where there are “voices” for freedoms. God bless America. Boycott Ben and Jerry’s, by the way, a huge supporter of homosexual marriages.

  6. Sissy says:

    Someone on this blog mused as to whether yesterday might be a foreshadowing of November 6. That is my fervent prayer.

  7. frjim4321 says:

    I am sad that so much of religion (not only liturgy) is about people congratulating themselves for being so much better than others.

  8. Sissy says:

    frjim4321: I know what you mean, Father. Why do you feel so superior, anyway?

  9. TomG says:

    frjim4321: where are you getting that? Dan Cathy and his company neither said nor did anything to deserve the opprobrium visited upon them. People are not “congratulating” themselves in the manner you suggest. You seem to lack real critical thinking skills. It appears your progressivism-lite kind of hamstrings you.

  10. Apparently our city’s fire department went to eat at the local Chick-Fil-A!

  11. Midwest St. Michael says:

    What is the real problem, Fr. Jim? Seriously?

    You would think that a priest in the order of Melchizedek would be happy to see so many people support a sacrament that was instituted by our Blessed Lord Himself (see CCC 1114) – especially with the sate of affairs as they are by the government – in certain circles in our country – attacking it.

    I have not read one word by any reporter covering the support for CFA say any patron was against those who bear the cross of same sex attraction. Not one.

    As a matter of fact the owner of the company seems to have no problem hiring those who suffer with SSA.

    So what gives, Fr. Jim?

    Do you support same-sex “marriage”? If so, why? Do you support the current POTUS opposition to the DOMA? If so, why? Do you support those in politics who are telling the owner of CFA that they cannot build a store in their city/state? If so, why?

    Do you really believe people who support the God ordained sacrament of Holy Matrimony are suddenly homophobic? Please tell us why if you do.


  12. Joseph-Mary says:

    All over Colorado the patient wait at all Chick-fil-As was an hour or so and the line for the drive through was even blocks long. We are tired of being bullied and the vindictive venom spewed at those who stand up for the Gospel, For Christ, for His Church and for the Truth.

    The silent majority spoke up loudly in this manner. We are sick that our children are being indoctrinated into perverse and promiscuous sexual activities at an early age. We hate what is happening to our country. We support the dignity of every person but we do NOT have to condone sin. Period.

  13. dominic1955 says:

    frjim4321: With all due respect, isn’t that rather pharisaical of you? What you say implies that you are not “one of THOSE people” supposedly congratulating themselves for being so much better than others, no?

    Anyway, note what was the feast yesterday in the traditional Roman calendar-the Holy Machabees. People finally having enough of an oppressive and godless overlord, and the primary players in this feast being a family who will go to their deaths rather than kowtow to the pagan compromises. Yesterday, we had people fighting back with food rather than food being used as a tool of oppression but I find it interesting. Didn’t that mandate thing also supposedly go into effect yesterday? The obamanation of desolation trying to get set up in the sanctuary?

    As to this being “political”, I think its interesting that NOTHING like this would have happened if the Volkspartei apparatchiks in Boston and Chicago hadn’t shot their mouths off for a little praise from their extreme radical activist minority interests. Who are the ones making it “political”? These klowns (who are going to answer for it, I’m sure) or the people who are starting to realize that the soft fascism of the leftists is NOT American?

  14. acardnal says:

    Comment from

    On Fox News, Mike Huckabee said that the success of Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day went beyond “anything I could have imagined,” saying “Every one of (the stores) that I know have reported record, historic sales yesterday. … A lot of the stores ran out of chicken before the end of the day.” Pastor Rick Warren also tweeted that Cathy called him and told him the company set a world record Wednesday.

  15. Cathy says:

    frjim4321, a man such as Mr. Cathy, who speaks the truth in regards to the attack against marriage, is no better than anyone else, nor is he more deserving than anyone else, that being said, he is blessed in his acknowledgement of both the Divine and Natural Law which are imperative to the institution of marriage. He did nothing more than what is asked of unworthy servants, such as us, are to do when asked about the question of so-called “same-sex” marriage. He spoke the truth, and was soundly attacked for it. Above and beyond the desire of the “same-sex” marriage supporters that his business be boycotted, the US citizenry was given an opportunity to vote without a ballot referendum, and they did! God bless them!
    My dear friend, you seem to have a very narrow view on homosexuals. In my hometown, we had a protest from the Westboro Baptist bunch with their signs that “God hates faggots” and a counter-protest by the Rainbow coalition with their signs that “Gay is okay”. Like most errors in our society, we are not faced with a lie against the truth, but two lies in supposed opposition, asking to be accepted as truth. I cannot accept the lie that “God hates faggots”, because I do believe with all my heart that God loves these people, but hates their sin, and desires they repent and turn back to Him. Their sin is not to be celebrated, their repentance is, and with all joy. By saying “Gay is okay”, the sin is celebrated, and in this world, their repentance is mocked as well as our God. I pray for these poor souls, and for you, that you come to recognize this.

  16. JonPatrick says:

    Chick-fil-a’s are a little hard to find here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, but there is one near the office I go to on Thursdays so I went there today. They were the busiest place in the food court so there seems to be a lingering effect of the appreciation day even today. The counter person said they were extremely busy yesterday.

  17. Mike Morrow says:

    Supertradmum says: “Boycott Ben and Jerry’s, by the way, a huge supporter of homosexual marriages.”

    B&J puts out grossly over-priced yet stunningly mediocre “fashion-of-the-day” ice cream that appeals to those for whom product name, image, and politics are much more important than quality.

    But…why is little attention at this blog drawn to Apple Company, whose corporate social agenda is almost identical to B&J’s, but with far far greater reach and influence? Apple glitter overwhelms responsible moral principle, apparently, when one has an iWhatever in one’s own pocket.

  18. robtbrown says:

    Midwest St. Michael says:

    What is the real problem, Fr. Jim? Seriously?

    He is simply the product of the 70’s and 80’s seminaries in US, with formation and “theology” much inspired by the Doctor Nullius Karl Rahner.

  19. TomG says:

    Mike Morrow: probably not worth it regarding B&J’s; Edy’s, Breyers, Haagen Daz, etc. are good enough for me. I agree, Apple is culpable, but they’re not in-your-face lefties. Ben and Jerry are Bolshies from way back. Howie Schultz’s Starbucks used to be like Apple, but I guess their hipster-doofus/poofter base has driven them to where they are today.

  20. Johnno says:

    Fr. Jim,

    And what, pray tell, is so wrong with people encouraging each other and being proud of themselves for standing up for what is right? Do you complain when the homosexual supporters get together with millions of dollars from corporate sponsors and mainstream media to throw lavish pride parades and show the world how much better they are than all those backward others who stand up for the truth and justice and morality? Does it defy your expectations that those who stand for true marriage are less abusive and violent and more fair and peaceful than those you side with? Would you have felt better if this was a more violent protest? Maybe with a few ‘God hates fags’ signs? Would that be more in line with your liking so you could then have some more legitimate sounding argument to prop your position up upon?

    Face it… you’re bitter at the results where many American people fed up with the immorality around them are peacefully protesting the homosexual agenda being forced down their mouths by evil people like you. So yes, morally speaking, in this particular instance, they are being better people than you and your hypocrisy and you can’t bear it that they are for once in a brief while showing you that they are not falling in line with your deluded expectations of them. Least you forget, that it is God you are fighting against. You honestly expect you’ll win when all is said and done? Even Satan knows he can’t win, but his pride will allow him to drag as many down with him as possible. I hope in the end that you will not be one of those dragged down with him.

  21. Midwest St. Michael says:

    “He is simply the product of the 70?s and 80?s seminaries in US, with formation and “theology” much inspired by the Doctor Nullius Karl Rahner.”

    No, Robt.

    I don’t think it is as simple as this with our resident left-leaning poster-priest. I believe he has more deep-seated problems than he may wish to reveal. (although, yes, being schooled at the feet Rahner or his disciples in his latter years is problematic)


  22. The Cobbler says:

    “Will you please write a book about comeback jokes?”
    “More like, you write a book about comeback jokes, nerd!”

  23. I wish we had a Chick-fil-A store here in Long Island, NY. I would definitely go lend my support. But alas, the nearest one is in Manhattan, off my beaten path. I would go to one in New Jersey after one of my Sunday Mass excursions, but, well… I guess I must be content to pray for now.

  24. JKnott says:

    Thanks to the fidelity, moral courage, and good Christian example of Mr. Cathy and his organization the Lord has brought a wonderful breath of fresh air to Americans who have been suffering in no small manner from the liberal oppression of the Obama administration. This is a lovely grace to lift the spirits of the good citizens of our country standing up for freedom and supporting goodness. I also agree that it is significant that they are closed on Sundays.
    “Where two or more are gathered….” May I suggest that all of us pray a Memorare or Ave for FrJim. Storm heaven the way the people flocked to Chick -fil -A today. Priests need our prayers.

  25. PostCatholic says:

    I wonder if Chick-Fil-A and its franchisees were good enough to pay bonuses to its employees who have been working so very much harder to provide political statements on a bun to an eager public. I hope so. Has anyone seen any press on this issue?

  26. Sissy says:

    PostCatholic: yes, I read this morning that they were given over-time to compensate for the extra workload they faced. I also read accounts of customers pitching in to clean tables and sweep up to help the crews.

  27. PostCatholic says:

    Could you share a link?

  28. Jerry says:

    If, as I suspect, Fr. Jim’s comment was not directed at Mr. Cathy, but at many of the commbox posts, here and elsewhere, this may be the first time I agree with him.

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